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    I would say, Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist.

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    The one I immediately thought of was Mireille Bouquet from Noir as well as Kirika Yuumura from Noir.
    Yes they are not normal as they are professional assassins, trained from childhood. But they are not (over)sexualised in the series.

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    Balsa from Moribito was awesome!

    Agreed. She is a very smart and down to earth character, I'd really like to see more of her adventures but most of the other characters on that show were just awful.

    I'll say Yoko Nakajima from The Twelve Kingdoms
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    Even though it isn't a very long/well known anime, Sakuma from Yondemasu Yo Azazel-San is a great non-sexualized character. Does Guu from Hare Nochi Guu count? :P

    Oh, and surprisingly every girl from Higurashi.
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