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    Better healer Between RestoShaman or Misteweaver for raiding

    Currently which one is doing better. i have never really healed in raids in any expansion and i wanted to try it for this one. i want to lvl up a shaman or monk to heal at lvl 90. probably just doing heroic dungeons and 10-25 man raids not heroic raids.

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    They're both pretty close, I was competing with a resto shaman in a pug vaults raid. Granted the shaman was stupid & stood in pools all night long they're both comparative.

    Probably the shaman will win the battle due to mana tide

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    shaman has more ulility, monk heals more.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the responses

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    Healed 3/6 MGV yesterday as resto sham, beat a holy pally and disc priest who've ranked in the top 5% on WoL before. We're still damn good if played right apparently.

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    Shaman's mastery really shine during "progression" where ppl are learning not to stand on shit and raid damage is high. When things are under control (i.e. raid's health pool isn't constantly dropping very low) their mastery looses some of its benefits. Also, haven't seen a monk on our raids yet, so no idea comparison wise.

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    Shelve your shaman and play a monk.

    They can easily pull 70K+ HPS, it's fucking stupid how broken they are. Crazy CDs and BS good aoe healing.

    We did 4/6 10 man last night with a Monk/Shaman for the 2 heal fights, Monk/Shaman/Hpally for the 3 healed fights and the monk obliterated the other two. All 3 healers are top 200 ranking players.

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    hrmm yeah im liking the monk a lot now. hell i might just end up making both cause healing is pretty fun. the monk mastery seems like an awesome idea. like i see where blizz was going with it. but if people dont walk in to the orbs it doesnt help too much lol. but still theyre both my favorite healing classes atm so ill end up lvling up both soon

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    I'm a resto shaman and we've cleared 4/6 normals right now. Although my gear might be a little better, I tend to pull away just a little bit over our monk. I have been playing resto for 5 years so maybe it could be class experience.

    here is a link to our logs http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/105347/

    Dørâ is me But from alot of the fights I was a little better. Rdruids and monks seem to be around the top right now for us atleast, mind you we are 25 man.

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