Hey guys, first off thanks for all the support in my questions in the past.

My new question is im using an AMD Phenom ii 965 BE. I have it overclocked to 4.064ghz and my questions is,

Under the bios and using the utility AXTU asrock extreme tuning utility, while running Prime95 and intel burn test, upwards of 63c. The max temp my cpu should be 62c before shutdown.

Now while using Coretemp or HW monitor, it shows around 54-56c while running those tests.

My motherboard FoxConn 970Extreme AM3+ AMD 970

Now i dont know which programs to trust, asrock is scaring me because im at my Tj max, but under HW monitor and Coretemp im still in the green zone. Now if The other two are right, while gaming i should be safe with my overclock, now with my Bios utility i am about to burn my cpu.

Im using a Hyper 212 plus cooler, and i don't want to kill my cpu, what should i do/trust?

Also if my overclock isn't stable, is there a chance to burn my cpu? will it auto shut off before that?


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Any information?