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    Healing Trinket Stat Weights

    I put together a chart of all 463+ trinkets for healers. It pretty much speaks for itself:

    Blue had some posts about the proc chances and the internal cooldowns (ICD) on the new raid trinkets so I took that data plus my own data from raid this week to come up with stat averages and give them total stat weights.

    My data for Price and Barrel are from 10 minute Elegon Fights plus I used in-game Spirit and Combat Regen numbers to come up with a spirit value for the mana gained by Price of Progress. As a neat fact I was gaining 50k mana per attempt from Price during our 9.5 minute Elegon wipes @ 5% .

    As you can see Price and Barrel are close. Vial is your best choice for heroic dungeon trinkets and then if you pick up a DMC you will have a great trinket till Terrace of Endless Spring or Heroic Emperor which will be at least 1 month away (maybe 2-3 months for kills) but if you are going to drop 60k on a trinket know it WONT be BIS in this tier.

    Why no Pickled Egg trinket? At 904 int and the importance of regen right now a haste proc just isn’t that valuable.

    Hope this helps people pick which trinkets to use if they are lucky enough to have the option!

    Edit: Added Trinkets.
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    What about the shadowpan trinket.

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    I imagine you mean Scroll of Revered Ancestors. It's worth noting that while WoWhead has the on-use effect at 2822 Spirit for 15 seconds, in game the tooltip says 3595.

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    Also don't forget the Alchemy trinket. Reforged into spirit, with a * for mana pot usage.

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    Zen Alchemist Stone: 1478 stat wt. 482 spirit (10min fight), 866 int, 451 mastery (1 int = 2 mastery)
    Scroll of revered Ancestors: 1798 stat wt. 899 spirit, 1079 int.

    Edit: Added in above chart.
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    Honestly spirit > int for me.

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    I'm starting to shift back to Int > Spirit at a 466 ilvl. I'm guessing once I get my Relic of Chi Ji, I will be flasking Int, eating Int food, but still prioritizing Spirit > Int for gemming since you get more bonus.

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    I'll definatly be looking back here when I get my paladin to 90. Right now it's still rotting at 85, but that'll change soon enough.. I hope.

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    Where does Price of Progress stand since the nerfs to its proc rate? im noticing very very little in the ways of mana returns from this trinket now. 7/7 Mythic EN / 3/3 Mythic ToV / 10/10 Mythic NH / 9/9 Mythic ToS some old school CM fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theholypally View Post
    Where does Price of Progress stand since the nerfs to its proc rate? im noticing very very little in the ways of mana returns from this trinket now.
    The above stat wt's are post nerf and from raid data 10/4.

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    Your vial calculations are way off... I have it at 707 spirit.

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    You are right. Thanks for pointing that out. For some dumb reason I calculated it with a 25% uptime. Probably a cut and paste fail. I fix it when I get home. That puts vial at 1414 stat wt. and beneath Price and Barrel.

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    Spirits ot the sun is worse the the DMC trinket.
    The DMC trinket is better then heroic Qin regarding reggn.

    I do my calculations very simple:
    DMC: (3027*4)/9=1345,3 MP5
    Spirit: (6908*4)/21=1315,80 MP5
    Heroic Qin: 1218MP5
    i say: perfect proc->proccs every ICD. Spirit=MP5
    If you do this "failure" to every trinket, its no failure anymore. Because of the higher procc chance of the DMC trinket, on live it is slightly stronger.

    So the DMC and Spirit are BIS this content

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    First off I have corrected all my math in the above chart and updated it with live tests. Looks like with spam healing DMC procs every 50 seconds for an up time of 40%. Although the DMC has a 20% proc chance and the other trinkets a 15% proc chance I am calculating them to proc 5 seconds after the ICD is up. At worst it is a few seconds off and with lull's in healing and casts in real raids it should even out. I have also added Raid Finder Loot.

    As for the over post you are neglecting Heroic Spirit stats as well as not valuing the intel proc on Qin. The above math is correct in terms of Spirit and Int. You can debate the spirit vs int stat weights but up time and average values are now correct.

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    What about Jade courtesan figurine?

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    if you take unrealistic 5s to procc a trinket with 15% chance, why don't you ignore it completly?

    your chart now looks definetly better. all three trinkets are very close to each other, and i will go for the DMC, simply because i will carry it for a long time.

    you are right, i ignored the int value, and the high int value of heroic qin makes it better then the DMC trinket.
    where did you get those 0,8 spirit=1int numbers?

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    there is one big problem with the picture. it somehow values int as more important than spirit.

    so lets get back to what every single healing guide told:

    every secondary stat is better than int in terms of throughput. the only manaregen stat is spirit.

    so if u want throughput, u take haste mastery or crit. but not int, as it point per point on ilvl is worse.
    if u want regen, u take spirit. int has no benefit on regen.

    if a healer in your raid sockets pure int in red gems, he is bad. he gimps his throughput and possibly his regen.

    if a healer in your raid eats 300 int buffood for throughput, he woud be better of eating 200 mastery / haste / crit food from vendors.


    Copy, paste from the paladin healing guide in this forum.

    100 Mastery Rating: 0.00837 / (1+0.1995) = 0.00698, about 0.7% relative healing increase.
    100 Crit Rating: 0.005568 / (1+0.1535) = 0.0048, about 0.48% relative healing increase.
    100 Haste Rating: 0.0078 / (1+0.144) = 0.0068, about 0.68% relative hps increase.
    100 Spellpower: 100 / (10180 + 9000) = 0.0052, about 0.52% relative healing increase.

    thats why most knowledgable healers socket green sprit / secondary stat gems in yellow, int /siprit in red, and spirit in blue.

    The bad side of the int trinkets, is that a) its the worst stat u can have and b) u cant forge it away. so any trinket with spirit wins, as when u dont need to regen bam reforge spirit into mastery.
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    You also might want to consider adding in that the Price of Progress trinket has a 60 second ICD after the hotfix nerf to it. Should make it worse than both Vial and Empty Fruit Barrel.
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    1. In raid parses DMC is averaging 39% uptime. This is consistany with the above chart.
    2. 1 int = 2 spell power. Int is the number 1 throughput stat.
    3. Price spirit value is taken from live raids this week post nerf. The value above is up to date.

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    I've got a guildie still using Heart of Unliving

    I'm wondering how it ranks in your comparisons, and if he's on to something or just has bad luck with trinkets.
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