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    Post Normal Mode difficulty, good or bad?

    So as the first week is half way, most guilds have probably raided on Wednesday and Thursday and still got maybe Monday or Tuesday(if not both) left to bang their head against the raid bosses, what's everyone's opinion on the difficulty?

    I feel that the difficulty is perfect, it's not something you can just rush through and call it a day until next week. There are some major DPS checks that people might stumble upon, such as Spirit Kings or Elegon.

    So to the matter of the bosses; (speaking of 25m here as I raid in 25m)

    -The Stone Guard seems to be much much harder on 10m, we 1 shotted it as 25m without any problems.
    -Feng the accursed seemed to be a nightmare on 25m without proper coordination and strategy.
    -Gara'jal was incredibly easy, we only had 2 odd wipes to learn the mechanics and 1 wipe on berserk(cast time thing?) at about 24%, then we just got less dps in the Spirit realm and it was a clean kill.
    -Spirit Kings, my god this encounter is great, we nearly got the kill at the end of the night, but we only had about 45 mins on him that night, The encounter gets progressively harder as the fight goes on which is good but it's not too hard in the DPS or healing department. BL at starts helps with DPS more than BL later on(due to possibly wasting BL on boss mechanics).
    -Elegon, reported by many as a DPS check, however it's not that hard with proper execution of the other phases and people getting the damage buffs
    -I have no info on Will of the Emperor currently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magiclegend View Post
    over tuned
    tuned for LFR gear, correctly tuned.
    Not 463 gear im pretty sure.
    in terms of dps type of thing

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    I think it's fine. We did have some wipes on some bosses but this came from not having any prior experience or knowledge. Once we figured everything out, it was one or two shot.

    For example, we spent almost an hour 3 healing Gara'jal and dying to some very close enrages. Dropped a healer and he just went down.

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    i also think its perfect, the fights are fun some with lots of movement like spirit kings which was amazing by the way.
    we managed to get 4/6 getting stuck on elegon which seems to be the progression stopper lol.
    but overall the fights are great way better than cata imo

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    I think spirit kings (possibly stone guards too, but the first boss is usually always super easy, which is fine I guess) could use a difficulty increase, otherwise the rest seemed nicely tuned.

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    Overtuned compared to previous normal modes, but I'm not complaining Good difficulty level, not completely faceroll like we're used to.

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    Enjoying the difficulty level so far (4/6). Only boss so far that I think is a bit poorly tuned is spirit kings. We had a 15% wipe on our first pull after having 9 manned most of the encounter coz one of the healers wasn't paying attention and died to a smash. We killed it second try without even swapping out our second tank for a dps.

    Gotta say though the fights so far have been great fun and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Will be a hell of a lot easier with better gear though (Lfr ilvl).

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    Killed the last 2 bosses this evening and the four first feels really really easy comprared to Elagon and after killing elagon will of the emperor felt like a joke. For ilvl 463 tho I would say Gara'jal and Elagon are rather overtuned, when we had proper tactics sorted and 2 healers on Gara'jal the dps was not a problem however the healing needed in last phase at Elagon while 2 healing (our dps was not good enough for 3 healers) is just insane and except our actually kill we just got raped after a few sec due to the raid damage.

    Overall I really love the instance though and with the exception of Stone Guards I really love all the bosses. Stone Guards with puddles and crystals was not hard but it just felt annoying comprared to how I liked the other bossses. Elagon and Spirit kings is the fights I like the most due to the amount of abilites on spirit kings and the difficulty on Elagon that require you to do everything properly.

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    I'd say it's actually very well tuned.

    My guild has been doing much better than we did on the initial Cataclysm t11&12 normal modes, but I think that's because we've finally found our stable feet and are going hard on the new stuff.

    Taking us a couple of hours to crack each boss. Hardest so far would be Stone Guard. The Spirit Kings is the easiest fight we've downed yet, and we're at 4/6.

    Quote Originally Posted by XanderJS View Post
    Will be a hell of a lot easier with better gear though (Lfr ilvl).
    For sure. My guild's doing it with 455-465 item level, with LFR gear this place will be -smashed- through on normal.

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    I enjoyed, 25mans is at perfect spot, dunno 10mans prolly underpowered like always.

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    Its spot on, probably too difficult for many, but when those lesser skilled people who find it too difficult start getting epics (especially when LFR is released) it will soon become apparent that normal mode is going to fall over for the majority.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmzlol View Post
    I enjoyed, 25mans is at perfect spot, dunno 10mans prolly underpowered like always.
    So, I see you're one of the herpderp 25 man is harder crowd.

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    I thought 25mans were easier in Cataclysm? seemed that way anyway.
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    Lets not have this decend into a 10 vs 25 discussion yet again. I'm enjoying this thread and would rather not see it turn into another raid size squabble.

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    So far me and my guild have only killed Stone Guard (25 man).. We really struggled with this fight, but overall our gear was quite shit, the dps was worse and the tanking left a lot to be desired.

    Still we killed it on the first night despite all that so yeah.. not sure..

    Anyways back in tomorrow to have a look at Feng.. yay!

    Edit: by really struggled I mean we didn't one shot everything like in DS normal.. still killed it within 2 hours though.
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    Normal Elegon could be nerfed a tad. Im sure it will too. Every other boss was fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOORF View Post
    Normal Elegon could be nerfed a tad. Im sure it will too. Every other boss was fine
    Pugged 5/6 in 10 man fairly easy with undergeared people. People were between 457 and 465 item level.

    Guards - Piss easy if your tanks got brains
    Feng - Just need to learn abilities
    Gara'Jal - We struggled with the dps check due to gear but managed to get it eventually
    Spirit Kings - 2 shot, almost 1 shot, really insanely easy.
    Elegon - Just a matter of using a good tactic. Being smart eliminates the gear check.

    I would say Guards are about the same in 25 man. Feng is alot harder in 25 man. Gara'jal is alot easier in 25 man. Spirti kings and elegon slightly harder in 25 man.

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