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    just for a laugh...

    I thought i would share this funny little story

    So I'm a lvl 89 prot warrior with 305k hp unbuffed, and i'm questing in the dread waste. Fighting this mob, and this panda ARM warrior startd world pvping (trying to) on me, he's meanwhile got around 340ish i believe, about a ten min fight and he dies, he re spawns then tries it again, and i kill him again. This happend about another 2 times or so...and then like 5 people from his guild show up and kill me, and try to camp my spawn. I just thought it was funny cause HE started the fighting then ran and got his guild guys cuz he has no idea what he is doing haha...hope this brings a smile to some people lol

    EDIT: Not a QQ post or a "warrior are god's" post just a story for laughs
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    First, I don't find this funny at all but I can tell you it get even more ridiculous if you have full resilience gear as protection warrior.
    Basically, you can't die in 1v1 against most of the class i believe. Keep in mind that it doesn't mean you can kill all of them either if they know how to play.
    It will most likely result in a stalemate.
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    This happens to me every 20 minutes and I've never found it to be funny. I just move on and kill them again the next time I see them.
    It definitely helps now that I can bubble hearth again

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    I think it is kinda funny, he started a fight he couldn't finish without his guildies.

    I do think posting it is meh ... kinda pointless as it happens all the time, however, grats is in order.

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    one of our guildies (pve guild) was out questing on her 85, killed a fellow 85 horde (she actually felt bad at doing this) who was farming her nodes. he went and got 2 lvl 90s, camnped her for about 10 minutes. She told us in Guild chat, so because we were all bored with stair-hopping in panda city, we grabbed 4 of our 90s and went over to help her quest. Killed all the horde, and carried her around on our 2 person drakes escorting her like she was the freaking queen or something

    This is how world pvp is nowadays. It's dumb.

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    Some blood elf female ganked my monk alt and laughed at my corpse, i brought my main and ganked her, and she brought 10 of her guild mates to kill me.

    And yeah, a rogue tried to take my brewmaster monk down, i let him take me down to like 20% life, i spawned a healing globe that crithealed me for 150% of my total life due to Blizzards amazing low lvl balance, over and over till i could feel that he totally lost hope and ran away. I laughed at him and waved /bye.

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    Only ones trying to gank my leveling hunter in pandaria were a group of 90s (lmao) and some 90 priest/lock (not sure cause he didn't have a pet but feared quite a lot) who killed me in 4 seconds.

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    Kinda reminds me of that "Gank Police" guild on my realm. Someone tries to gank you, horribly fails, calls for his guild and after having ganked you for the 100th time, they'll post in your realm forum about the "glorious saving of their honourable member".

    Might just've been too old to ever find it funny.

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    You guys remember the addon KoS? Kill on Sight the best addon ever!

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    Meh, ganking while leveling is tricky. Sure you will win 1st round but then the guy will ress and try to attack you. Again and again, and no one will be doing any leveling. Waste of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Gaga View Post
    Meh, ganking while leveling is tricky. Sure you will win 1st round but then the guy will ress and try to attack you. Again and again, and no one will be doing any leveling. Waste of time.
    It's not a waste of time if you're having fun. Doesn't matter if you get to max level 10 minutes later, does it?

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