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    "Green" Uncommon Gems

    What to do with them? Craft necks and rings to disenchant? Or cut gems and hope for perfect cut + vendor those that didnt proc? Anything else I can do with them? Are there any JC daily quests like in Cata where i can use them?
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    there are no dailys, I just cut mine and use them now as cheap gems. I think there is a market for green gems aswell, depending on amount fo bots on your server

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    I cut them after looking to see what is the current most sought after 'rare' cut for the uncommon gems.
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    Cut green gems are worth less than uncut on my server, but even they're only going for about 2g ea.

    I've held onto mining for my gold. I sell 90% of the ore I collect while doing dailies and only prospect Ghost Iron when I need some rates for research. It's a rare occasion if I can find any gem (including meta's) selling fore more than the raw gem, and if I do, I'll likely be undercut 100x and come back to find prices below cost again.

    The joys of a high pop server... But I'm making a fortune off mining. Ghost iron stacks are still ~200g and the stuffs everywhere.

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