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    Blood DW

    i know blood uses 2H, but what is the diffrence between 2h and dw tanking?
    atm i lvl´ing my DK and i have 2 1H thats is way higher ilvl than my 2h, so in that case would it be okay to DW tank or im i losing to much from 2H tanking ?

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    Ok basically long story short and i may not be right... But the weapon dmg in 2x1h goes off ur main hand dmg which is much lower in dmg than a 2h wep. Therefore your gibbing your threat
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    You miss far more on white attacks. Also heart strike, death strike, and rune strike (and plague strike, but that's less relevant) are based around your main hand weapon damage, so you would have reduced damage from those attacks, which make up a pretty sizable chunk of your single target damage. With vengeance it probably won't have huge effect on your threat, but I imagine tanking for a well geared character or for progression raid it could be an issue.

    In other words: Mostly losing damage, but there's still no real reason to do it since blood doesn't gain the dual wield damage bonuses that would make an off hand even really worth it, and gaining secondary tank stats from dual wield weapons probably wouldn't help much in comparison to a reforged two hander. The damage increase from an offhand would likely be so minimal it would actually be better to use a single one hander over two single handers.

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    thank you very much

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