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    Which of the two superior trinkets paired with Relic for Frost DPS

    So I just got my grubby paws on my Darkmoon trinket (40k gold coins later) and I was wondering currently which of the two popular heroic dungeon trinkets (Flashfrozen Resin Globule, and Vision of the predator) would be better paired up with the Relic for Frost dps. Assuming you are already hit capped. Is the 4k on use int buff every 2 minutes better than constant flat 800 something int and crit random proc?

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    i prefer proc or passive trinkets myself, because i always forget to use the on use thing - so without macro-ing it (which isn't ideal) it probably is a waste =p

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    I use Askmrrobot for this. You can easily change items and optimize your gear and export the character sheet for simcraft as I dont know how reliable Askmrrobot is (always a little bit sceptical). But till now it worked fine for me - always got a DPS increase after simming the optimized/changed gear.
    (1000 iterations on simcraft are enough for this to speed it up)
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