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    Hunter leveling advice?

    well, i want to give my hunter another shot. although I didn't like the change they made with Focus at all, i'm willing to give it another shot to see if i still think about it the same way.

    my hunter is only level 22 though, so any advice considering gearing, specialization, talents, glyphs and rotation and whatnot will come in really handy.
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    What exactly don't you know that you need to know?

    Gearing => Agility (leather before 40, mail after 40),

    Glyphs => Marked for Death is mandatory, all others are for convenience, (Glyph of misdirection and Glyph of Fetch is useful for soloing)

    Rotation => what spec? soloing or in a group?

    just keep serpent sting up at all time and use all your short cooldowns on cooldown and procs when they proc, and steady shot twice in a row for marksman or cobra shot once whenever you need focus for BM/SV.

    for soloing learn to use Concussive shot, it will make your life easier.
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    Go survival. At least for me personaly is the most fun spec to level. Learn to use concussive shot, its free and its one of the best keys to use while killing random mobs, even tough your pet is generaly very good at having all the agro while leveling.

    Other than that, stay above 30 focus most of the time so that you arent focus starved when an ability comes off-cooldown and thats it, have fun!

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    When you get to Cata+ content. It could be worthwhile to use the Misdirection Glyph, it will certainly comes in handy in MoP content where the mobs hit sorta hard. I forgot to change my glyph during the race to 90 and had to deal without it for 11 hours of leveling after I hit 86, I couldn't find any vendor that sold the item on my short times back at quest hubs. In the end, I died twice, once from a ganking, once from like 12 mobs overpowering my turtles lack of AOE threat while I used Mend Pet.

    Serpent Sting is sorta a waste on non-aoe (Serpent Spread) and non-bosses. Everything seems to die before you get too much use out of the dot. Even as Survival, I rarely used Black Arrow when leveling. I used Explosion Trap quite a bit when I did some AOEing.

    I leveled 2 Hunters after 4.3, and one of them was during the Pre-mop patch. Survival was insanely powerful during 4.3 leveling and I loved kiting everything, hit 85 with like 1 day 13 hours or so. The other Hunter I tried leveling BM during the Pre-mop, because everything died so fast, my pet was doing close to nothing and ended up switching to Survival at around level 30. I got tired of leveling when this Hunter hit level 44, probably about 7-8 hours played.
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