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    Assassination Gemming?

    Does anyone know yet what is better for gemming, pure agility in red sockets, agi + mastery in yellows, or if pure mastery is better overall now?


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    Well, hybrid gems got a significant boost this expansion, so without number crunching, I'd say it's going to look like:

    A red gem for single red sockets
    Hybrid for all others

    EDIT: For agility bonus slots
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    1 agil is still better then 2 mastery...

    But what is the bonus in the slot?

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    I'm more curious what everyone's strategies are with gemming for TWO specs. Say if you are running assassination and combat... with one set of gear that you reforge...do you gem yellow sockets as agil + hate or agil + mastery. Or just compromise and do straight agility? Maybe one day we'll be swimming in gear and have two sets, but right now it's a bit tight.

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    I am gemming mastery/agi/haste after reaching the exp and hit caps.

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