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    Question Losing interest in my Shaman - I got no idea why :/

    This is a bit of an unusual topic, compared to the numerous "my dps sux" ones, but please bear with me...
    I have been playing WoW since 2005 (europe) and i have one of every class at level 85 (or higher, since MoP arrived).
    However i always had two favorites, my Shaman (Elem/Enha) and my Warlock.

    As MoP pre-release patch arrived i was very thrilled about all the new talents and massive changes to pretty much all 10 classes.
    I especially liked changes to the Shamans, Warlocks, Death Knights and Druids - so naturally i played those 4 classes first when MoP was released on the 25th.

    I picked my Shaman first and got him half way to 87, trying out both Elem and Enha during the leveling process.
    However, at one point i just got immensely bored by my Shaman and logged onto some of my other characters.

    To skip all the unnecessary details, i have not logged back on my Shaman ever since the 25th/26th - i got no idea why, but i would rather eat raw grass than go back to playing my (ex???)favorite class.
    Only noticeable gripe i got with Shamans at the moment is the "multiple CD spells on GCD" that tend to make the "warm up for DPS" take a tad too long - but that is FAR from enough to make me never want to play my old Shaman again.

    I suspect i might have missed a huge Shaman change or something like that between MoP pre-release patch and the current MoP version - but i got no idea what it is or how is it bothering me so much that i wish never to play Shamans again, and yet i still got no idea what it might be >.<
    So i ask you, fellow veteran shamans, are you noticing any major changes to our class that gave you a "sour taste" when you were leveling through MoP?

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    I recognize the feeling. Not sure where it comes from, doesnt really have to be the new changes and all, but I think it may have something to do with starting progress on a char again (lvling process maybe?). While Ive had it on other occations as well this is where Ive seen the most from it. Sometimes just changing main specc works to sort it, but when it hits harder its a new char thats needed :/ (You could always try a name/race change, that could work haha?).
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    I enjoyed every minute of lvling as enhancement and it gets really really fun once you hit 87 and get ascendance.

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    Anyone else wanna share their good or bad thoughts/experiences when leveling in MoP as Elem or Enha?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenocyrst View Post
    I enjoyed every minute of lvling as enhancement and it gets really really fun once you hit 87 and get ascendance.
    I also enjoyed every minute of leveling with Ascendance and Spirit Wolves out, it was so much fun.

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    I'v been playing mine for about 4-5 years I believe. Main spec always being resto with offspec constantly changing. When our specs are lacking behind I always find it just more of a challenge. I'v always loved the class and never have debated changing mains. But I leveled as enhancement cause I leveled as elemental on beta and I wasnt a fan lol. But now im Resto/Ele and I like it and I think shamans are in a pretty good place right now in terms of atleast ele DPS and resto's healing compared to others. Havent seen much about enhancement yet. Like Xeno said though, Ascendance is an awesome CD that we get at 87 too

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    You are losing interest because it's a shaman. Quite possibly the most boring class in the game...behind paladin of course.

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    They've taken a lot away from the shaman and given very little back, that's my problem with shaman, it now lacks something i can't define entirely, i don't care that we do fine/decent on DPS i want to play something that feel fun, so far none of the classes i play have had that, except my druid.

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    I have the exact same problem..I, for some reason, dread to play my main, my priest.

    I love priest, there is so much to do with them and they are so versatile...but yet for some reason she just does not appeal to me anymore.

    Maybe because I played a priest for 7 years *shrug*

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    Healing is probably the best its ever been for restoration.

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    I've only mained an ele shaman for a year and a half, but I feel you. The leveling process was rough - while my guildmates were enjoying their class changes, I struggled to bring myself to level my character both on the beta and on live. I felt like I hit like a wet rag, and that I was nothing without my usual stack of totems. It was definitely frustrating, and I considered rerolling for a couple of weeks... and didn't go through with it. I hit 90 and started gearing up in heroics, and once I was in nearly full 463s, I started seeing some of the old power back (yeah, yeah, I know, new expansion, first tier, quest blues and greens, etc etc). If you can drag yourself to level 90 and through a few heroics, you may be able to rekindle that old love. Some of the new talents they gave us are pretty sweet (c'mon, you haven't played around with Ascendance enough!) and once you really look into the new totems, you just may have fun again. (The combination of earthgrab + capacitor is great on a pvp server, for example) Good luck!

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    Thank you for all of your answers.

    If anyone wants to add anything, it would be awesome

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    sir , same thing happened to me but with my main since Burning Crusade my paladin beeing holy/prot from BC to CATA till MoP , when i started lvling him i was like WTF!! this is BOOOORRRING!!!! but i had to lvl him to 90 but it was too boring and now that i started with my alt Shaman at 85 , lvling seems awesome! as Enh/resto , im just wrecking stuff! while Q'ing for Dungeons , i think my shaman will be my main this Xpac.

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    i have lvl 90 ret pally but its just to boring to play, i can't stand inquisition anymore and now i'm lvling with enh shammy through pandaria and its so fun lol that i'll make him my main

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    Still getting used to Ascendance (I just got it, Enhancement). It feels really powerful, which can throw me off because I'm still taking as much damage as I was before. Gotta remember to keep up the normal rotation, including heals.

    All in all, though, it's not too bad. DPS feels about right, not killing too quickly or too slowly. Plenty of oh-shit buttons to push, but I don't really use them that often. Haven't really died that much thanks to some of those.

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    While my shaman always loses when it comes to world pvp (87 vs 90 fml), it is kinda more fun at the moment to level.

    However i gotta say i really dislike the "warm up" phase our dps specs currently suffer from, all those CDs on GCD and Unleash Elements still being on GCD etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviators View Post
    Healing is probably the best its ever been for restoration.

    I've played my Shaman as Pvp Enh/ Pve Enh for a long time and in Firelands I had to pick up a Resto spec for our raid progression. I hated having to heal but I loved my telluric currents build being able to toss out DPS in between casting heals.

    This expansion I've actually gotten really into raid healing with all the new ability and utility for Rshams. Topping charts undergeared gotta love it.

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