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I really had to laugh there. You do realise that a bot would do a MUCH better job tanking/healing/dpsing in a classical trinity game than a 'real player', do you? Because a bot will follow an optimal strategy and never make a mistake. The way the classical games (take WoW, for example) work is that all actions performed by players are very repetitive and monotone and the challenge is to synchronise your monotone actions with actions of other players without a mistake. On high difficulty raid, a single mistake by the tank or healer will cause a wipe. That is all there is to classical 'hardcore' PVE. Obviously, there is also the strategy phase, where the raid composition and overall tactics are decided, but the execution itself can be easily done by a machine. In a more chaotic environment of GW2 dungeons, there are simply more options/possibilities, so I doubt a bot would be much of a success there.

My point was that making a bot do all what a good player does in a trinity type of game would be very difficult to program if not impossible. In GW2 that would be easy.

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That's the whole point, you don't do it every time, you run with random people, get to know the ones that are nice, and take those on future runs.

If you'd rather take jerks, suit yourself, I'd rather have nice people even if I'm slower to clear content or something and help them get better.

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Nobody would notice if you don't cultivate relations. If you're a good tank/healer or whatever but a jerk then you know that you wouldn't get taken in a group when good tanks/healers are no longer needed. And it's true, if this is right, a bot could indeed take your place and nobody would notice as nobody liked you in first place anyway. However, if you're nice and cultivate relations, you'd get taken.
My point here was that since skill isn't much of a factor here that a bot could do the job just as well. The social part of the game seems to be the most important thing for you in a game but it isn't for me. The challenge of mastering my class and all it's abilities is however. The social aspect is more of a bonus for me but not the reason I play.