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    Combat Weapons?

    So I got the 489 agi fist from Spiritbender last night, but as a human I'm not sure where I should put it to keep the 1% expertise bonus from using a sword. I never really understood how this bonus works, do you just need the weapon that gives the bonus in your main hand? And if so, does that mean I can use the higher lvl fist in my OH with no dps loss? Or does the fist need to be in my main hand to maximize its weapon damage?

    Thanks for any insights

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    If you've got an expertise bonus to swords, your sword-hand has an expertise bonus. If you've got a 489 fist weapon, you want that in your mainhand regardless of what expertise bonuses you may lose. I believe* although I don't have the math on hand, that you'll want to get back to 7.5% MH expertise as well.

    You need the highest weapon MH because RvS/SS/MG use the mainhand weapon.

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    For racial the 1% expertise only work for the hand you are using it in, so if you have sword in mh andnot oh expertise will say x+1/x and the other way if you switch place to oh. so if you want the expertise bonus for both hands you need a sword on both hands otherwise it will be a 1% difference.
    But you will probably get more dps by using the fist weapon in mh and reforge so it also have 7.5 which will result in 8.5% in your oh. The reason is as muga said

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