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    Tier 5 Talent for ELEGON

    Obviously for Demo GoServ is best on this fight.
    But my question is, Should i be using GoServ for Affliction on this fight too? or stick with GoSac?
    Obviously the boss is taking the big damagings during draw power, so its a nice time to have double pet burst, but does the benefits of that outwiegh the consistently higher dmg of GoSac???

    Any good warlocks who have done this fight and ran some numbers can help me out? TY

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    I did 120k on him with a lot of mistakes, using GoSac. You should be able to keep DoTs up on the boss all the time except pillar phase where you can multidot if you have time for it. I really see no reason to switch talent on this fight. If we would consider anything it would be using the 500% AoE talent to SB:SoC but it's nothing I've been able to try yet (I need to figure out spawn timings for the adds first). I'm also considering going Destro on this fight for Havoc+Chaos Bolt on adds and Rain of Fire with 500% AoE talent in middle. I'll probably not get much testing done until we reach heroic because that's what we'll be focusing on now while boosting main chars with alts on the bosses we'll end up killing on normal. We decided to not prepare much during normals and instead take it all when we get there on heroic. ^^

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    As affliction I'd go GoSac, the execute on this boss is sick.

    Anyway the real question here is the tier 6. To go or not for Mannoroth's Fury. I've seen some tricks on affl warlocks, but I was demo (pure preference).

    After many tries I've swapped for big aoe radius, and while I think it was dps increase, more important is that you can hand of guldan all the Energy ads, and apply 5-6 sec shadowflame. That's really nice, and also builds lots of demonic fury, so you can go meta easy on 4th-5th-6h wave of adds. While I have failed to catch some of the waves (damn the delay on guldan), it still went good.

    There's the kill http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...=14669&e=15216
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    I went GoSac.
    Better execute, better focus on the sparks.
    Also: AV for the execute is a nice boost.

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