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    everyone basically gave you these 3 options (leave/not raid/suck it and heal) but what i am missing is a 4th.
    why not simply talk to your RL and explain how you feel. tell him you can help out as resto this week maybe but make it clear you want to be dps in the future. and if he says no you have those 3 mentioned options left!

    Thanks for the feedback, i figured with most hybrids this is a common question
    not really. it is a common assumption that all hybrids should/want to heal but alot don't. we do however have the advantage to do so if needed. like i said simply talk to that guy and tell him your not that kinda of hybrid that likes to switch and see what he says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omanley View Post
    I can only say what I would do: Either they take me as the spec I wanna play, or I'd look elsewhere.

    Wow is to the largest part a cooperative game, so being supportive is a nice thing to be BUT I would never play a game or play it in a way I dont prefer it to just to make others happy.

    As you said it is your money paid, so it's your choice what to do. IMO if your RL knows you're gold as a dps and asks you to go heal permanently anyway, he's probably not that good of a RL. People should play to their strenghts.
    To me that reads like a pretty selfish attitude. I appreciate people play this game for different reasons but it is chiefly about playing with a group of other people. I play enh/resto and those are my nominated main and offspec roles, and I will always play whichever is needed for a given encounter - if it helps progression for me to switch spcs then I will (I've even played alts on first kills).

    In my opinion if you don't feel you want to help out your current guild you should be looking to play with another group of people.

    It is generally true that people are likely to get more enjoyment out playing one class over another, but the class and spec you play is a pretty small part of the game as far as I'm concerned.

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    I thought this would happen when I applied to any of my previous guilds so I specifically mentioned in the application that I am applying to the guild as an Enhancement shaman. Not Enhancement/Resto or anything else. My resto spec is for my own personal use and cannot be utilized by the the guild in any way. I like to make things clear before I join a group of people so that no misunderstandings occur during my stay. It actually paid off since when the guild was looking for a healer the officers/RL would never ask me if I could heal. I might have been asked by some other members of the guild who probably didn't read my application and of course I always replied that I couldn't heal (in a very polite manner). Your situation is a bit hard since your guild knows you can heal therefore refusing to do so will cause problems. I would recommend starting over with another guild and making it clear that your only utility in the raid will be as an Elemental Shaman. Yes, this will reduce the probability of a guild accepting you but if they do then you will raid the way you enjoy the most and I think this is what really matters. Good luck!
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    Play what you want and find a guild that needs you

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    Honestly, whenever someone tells me to heal, I just tell them no. And the people in my guild know I don't have the mindset for it, I'm super picky in who gets heals and who doesn't, especially whenever they take unnessecary damage, they simply die. Also, it's the only role that stresses me out in the game, so it's not an enjoyable experience to me.
    It's your call if you want to go resto, thing is, if you do, you will likely always be asked to go resto first in the future because people may think you don't mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flak View Post
    In my opinion if you don't feel you want to help out your current guild you should be looking to play with another group of people.
    I can see the point of view and that's what got me tanking for a whole expansion on a character I hated. I wanted to help the guild achieve the best we could so I sucked it up and logged my tank every week. Cata came and I told them if im not playing Enhance im not playing with you. They accepted that and we played happily untill Dragon Soul where I needed to tank and I sucked it up ad did so because they let me do what I loved for the most part.

    I think this issue is amplified due to the very different roles Shaman play whereas shifting from say Fire to Arcane isnt akin to a new class.

    In the end, you have to play what you enjoy. If you sit there for 4 hours a night and hate raiding, your back to square one - finding a new guild or learning to love your new spec, so really what do you have to lose?

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    As I said it's up to each individual to do what they want, was just giving my 2 cents.
    Is my attitude selfish? Sure. But selfishness isn't necessarily bad. Selfish people make sure they get what they want.
    Out of my own selfish desire, I had played the game for years, not for others. Playing any game is first above all fun. Cheating yourself out of that for others beats the purpose of the game alltogether.
    Obviously there's limits to being both completely selfless or selfish. One will sacrifice fun and happiness for others, the other will lose friends and stuff.

    I tried to find my balance between happily helping people with stuff like quests, farming, lending a few coins and so on, but I was unflinching when it came to playing as enh.

    IMO switching to something you dont like for an accounter here and there is acceptable. Going for an entire x-pack like that... I could never do that.
    But hey: maybe I just have higher expectations towards this game than others (plus the issue of me disliking playing casters). Unless enh is good in both pve AND pvp, I wont consider resubbing (the reason I desubbed also), so being forced to play anything else is completely beyond me even considering.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angoth
    I'm sorry that Blizzard won't just gift wrap awesome in a cup and let you drink your fill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    Simple solution; find a guild that has you declare a "main spec". All gear you get is based on the spec you DECLARED, not the one you're currently playing. This declaration is made by you, not the guild leadership. You won't get the same priority on healing trinkets as the "true" healers, but you won't be screwed out of your main spec's gear, either.
    We did declare main specs/offspecs. No one explicitly told me to pass on something, but there were comments and "jokes" about it. Plus, I had pressure from myself to do what was best for the guild, especially when we began progressing through HM and I was asked to heal every fight. I felt like a scumbag taking a tier token and using it to buy enhance gear that would sit in my bag all night, I did it once and from then on just got the resto stuff.

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