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    Will of the emperor 25 need some advice

    Hye everybody, my guild si trying WOE 25 but it seems That our strategy is not very nice. So if you have some advice concerning the following questions That could be nice.

    -which priority do you have on the adds. We have courage -> rage -> strenght

    -How do you manage the adds? Everybody switch on them or for example only some class focus rage And other focus strenght ?

    -do you let some melee or caster focus the boss?

    Sorry for my english and i hope you can help us

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    We had a caster camp in the middle between the Emperors that where tanked below the Stairs where you enter the room.

    The Strength adds where tanked beside these camps facing away from the raid but staying quite close so that some of the Cleave skills could still hit them.

    Rage adds where all channeld into this camp and held there by chain ccing them with stuff like frostnova etc if a add would not have moved into the raid mages sheeped them and dpsed them quite instantly till they had a target in the raid

    Courge adds where done mostly by our melee dps

    we did not have dps directly assinged to the boss for the most time cause most of our melee dps had quite a problem with the arc and cause of this took to much dmg means cost to much healer mana

    we had multidot classes keeping dots on them up all the time though

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    This is in 10man.. but I have a trick that might help you.

    I'm a warrior tank and I held my boss right on top of where the rages (the weak adds) spawn.

    Basically, as soon as the rages spawned, I could shockwave them, stunning them for 4 seconds, then use my shout that roots them.

    This meant they would spend a lot less time hitting the ranged (this was our major problem) and when people were killing them they were cleaving additional dps onto the boss (dps was not a problem).

    Might not help you, might help you, I don't know.
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    First thx for your reply.

    We want to test this comp : 2 rogue on focus boss until courages pop
    2 ret pal tanking the strenght
    2 warrior fury who are on the boss and go aoe rages. I guess with the talent that allow them to charge twice they can charge rages aoe them then recharge the boss
    The rest of the raid kill strenght, aoe rages and multidot everything

    I think we need to let at least the 2 rogues on the boss cause yesterday we hit the enrage with 100M left on the boss

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    Our strat for running a melee heavy comp(8 melee). Since this boss greatly favors ranged we had to adjust to this and kinda killed it during the softenrage.
    (movie is R rated at best)

    1) Ranged camp mostly focuses Rages, switching to courages when they are up and helping kill Strengths when nothing else is. Ranged stay in teh center most of the time and spread to the sides to handle Courages.

    2) We have a 2 melee team(I chose a ret and a rogue to test it out) on bosses all the time after they spawn for regular and combo damage. We had both melee dps the same boss and would have all the debuffs up on it.

    3) Strengths are offtanked by a monk and a dk in dps spec mostly but are generally tanked by whichever melee gets them. 2 additional melee(for a total of 3 each side) are assigned kill these strengths and help kill the courages. For courages we had 2 rogues with crippling poison on either side(switching from strengths) for maximum slow, any other big slow will work just as good.

    Just keep doing this, heroism whenever you come into the gas phase with the least amount of adds up, offtank strengths and CC rages when the soft enrage hits and power through it. We screwed up big time on the soft enrage because our monk taunted the boss instead of the strength and brought them together, successfully wiping half of the melee team, but still managed it.
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