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    Stone guard energy bars

    I don't use the default UI and it for some reason hides the boss frames. Does anyone know a addon that shows all 3 dogs + their energy bars?

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    I'm having the same problem, also on the lookout for an addon that does this.

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    What unitframes are you using?
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    DBM has a boss unit frame but I'm not sure it will show you also the energy, never tried it.

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    This should show on any unit frames addon that supports boss frames. Would be really helpful to know what addon the op is using incase there is something specific you haven't got enabled, but so long as you have boss frames enabled with a power bar then you should be good.

    Related to this boss you should also have alt power bars enabled on your player frame to see the stacks of petrification.

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    I've tried with DBM, and it only gives me a single health bar for all three (assuming this is because they share a health pool). Several other people in the raid are reporting the same thing, though one person was saying his DBM was giving him three separate bars, so not sure if there is a conflict with another addon or not.

    I'm using an oUF layout for my unit frames.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rengrave View Post
    I'm using an oUF layout for my unit frames.
    Well then... there is an option. I know this is a throwaway post, but I'll update once I check something.

    Oh, and which layout specifically?

    Another edit:

    So one option is this addon which is oUF based, but has yet to be updated for the latest version of oUF (there is a fix that is posted on the comments page, and the author is looking at posting a version with the fix at some point). I'm not currently running oUF (though I love it) so can't test it, but it may do what you need. Alternatively it maybe that there is an option in your oUF layout that needs enabling, but without knowing specifics I couldn't say for sure.
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