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    Smile Top iPhone/iPad/iPod apps?

    Hello guys. I am at school and really bored so i was browsing iTunes for some apps but nothing seem interesting. Now i know that there are a lot of apps and games out there so i cant browse all so i am asking here for some of the best apps and games i can download.

    Personally i really like Fieldrunners2, if you guys want to check it out is a Tower Defense game. I also like Asphalt7 which is a race game.
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    Beat hazard is a good one, it uses your itunes library to generate waves of enemy ships and bosses for you to kill and the intensity of the waves is based on the intensity of the song.
    A monster ate my condo is strangely addictive so worth a go.
    Jet pack joyride is another brilliant time si nk of a game.. simple yet addictive

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    Plants vs Zombies is insanely addictive and well worth the price
    Scribblenauts is one of the greatest game ideas, your only limits being your vocabulary and imagination. summon a nun riding on Cthulhu to fight against a giant dwarf who breathes fire or a bazooka wielding gremlin... or even complete the puzzles
    Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix And Her Nightmare is an intriguing puzzle where you're trapped inside a rotating cubic puzzle
    and then there's Ellie: Help Me Out... Please where you need to help a little girl who's trapped inside a building with her kidnapper after an earthquake

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    Nothing else?

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    One app that's I've found rather addicting is 'Where's my water?' by Disney. It's your basic puzzle type game but it seems so much funner than any other puzzle app I've played.

    I also agree with Plants vs Zombies.

    There's a few other apps I've found very fun for a while, though most apps imo are either to short or get boring after a while.
    But here's some of the better ones: Plague Inc, temple run, Tunnel Shoot Pro, Geometry Wars, Osmos and although I will probobly get bored of it eventually like I usually do with these kinds of games, I just started playing The Simpsons: Tap....(Can't read the rest it won't show up ) It's like Tiny Tower or Tiny Zoo or those kind of apps, but with the added awesomeness of Simpsons humour

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    I found Total War: Battles and FF3 to be amazing but I only used the Android versions (it should be the same).

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    I just realized I have games on my iPhone that I haven't even played yet: Catapult King, Plague Inc., and Tiny Tower...huh. I went on an app shopping spree with that $100 iTunes back to school special.

    Hypno Blocks is fairly addictive. I'd check that out if you haven't. Then I just play Bookworm, Bejeweled, Peggle, and Sudoku. I have a Vita so my iPhone is more about puzzle games.

    Non-gaming apps: 9-Gag, Downcast, Pulse News, and Evernote get the most usage. Downcast especially. I'm pretty sure I'd have gone postal at work by now if it wasn't for those sweet podcasts getting me through the day.

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    You guys should try Shufflepuck. Is a free game based on table ice hockey but in space so you play with aliens and such I also like FIFA12 if you are not too competitive because it has some flaws but it's fun to play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deepsidedj View Post
    You guys should try Shufflepuck. Is a free game based on table ice hockey but in space so you play with aliens and such I also like FIFA12 if you are not too competitive because it has some flaws but it's fun to play.
    Shufflepuck Cantina, just found it myself the other day and it's a really fun remake of the Amiga classic Shufflepuck Cafe, with a bit of star wars and hitchhikers guide to the galaxy thrown in. bloody tricky at first but once you get used to the controls (and realise that despite the tutorial M4R1N is not the easiest opponent, Furry is, plus it's less annoying losing to him because of the cute noises) it's a lot of fun

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    Temple run got me addicted for ages, I think i've worn my self out on it now, but give it a try!
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    Let's see...

    Apps I use frequently:
    GPS Nav 2 (Skobbler)
    Mango 2 Lite

    The Heist
    Dark Meadow
    Dark Nebula 2
    Pinball HD
    Real Racing 2
    Zombie Gunship
    Chaos Rings
    Raid Leader
    Beat Hazard
    Paper Monsters
    Inotia 4
    Plague Inc.
    Perfect Cell

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    Their is an extreme lack of World of Goo here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primernova View Post
    Their is an extreme lack of World of Goo here.
    Doesn't work that well on the 3.5" screen in my opinion. It plays way better on the iPad.

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    Anyone have some good recommendations for apps that let you type up Word and Excel docs? The iWork ones are too damn expensive and I don't need like a full suite of tools, just something basic to get files from my computer, type edit and save, then be able to put back on my pc for final editing and formatting if needed. Printing would be a plus too.

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    Tapatalk is the best app I have on my iPhone that lets me participate in forums on the go. This is a great app to browse different forums from the comfort of your iPhone
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    Apps that get daily use
    Waze (Favorite gps app, hands down. Free).
    Alien Blue
    World of Warcraft Mobile App

    Favorite games
    Simpsons Tapped Out
    Ticket to Ride Mobile
    Spy vs Spy
    Angry Birds
    Tiger Woods 2012 golf
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