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    Want to overclock Intel Core 2quad Q8300. Need help!

    Hello guys!

    I want to overclock my old-school Q8300 processor, but i'm really new to overclocking, can you guys recommend me some settings?

    My system is

    Intel 2Quad Q8300
    4GB DRR3 RAM 1333 Mhz.
    Acer MG43W motherboard
    GTX 770
    Corsair CX 600 Watt.

    Thanks guys,

    - Joe
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    Generally you can't overclock prebuilt systems as the bios usually lacks the options to change multiplier, voltage and other settings needed.
    Assuming that isn't the case I would google how to overclock a core2 quad cpu.

    My opinion is you should just upgrade the cpu and motherboard as even with a moderate overclock it will bottleneck your beastly gpu.
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