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    okay so I have both Flashfrozen resin Globule, and Vision of the Predator. However I also have the Mithril Wristwatch off Korn, what I am kinda debating over is the use of the Vision or Watch, With the Vision I have 17.5k sp while using the watch I am at 16.4k.

    also I am demo spec if that makes a difference.
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    Both my feelings and simcraft have proven me that Wristwatch just sucks :/ Base crit is pretty meh and the proc is just too short to really be interesting in a scenario where you try to time all your Demo CDs with it.

    As a final note, just get serpent deck.
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    yeah, it does proc a lot though, but like over all i feel like the vision would be a better dps increase, how ever everyone in my guild was like oh yeah the watch

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