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    Touch of Death macro on every spell - Bugged?

    So I made some simple macros on my Jab, Blackout kick and Rising Sun Kick similar to this:

    #showtooltip Jab
    /cast Touch of Death
    /cast Jab

    I was using it together with the glyph so Touch of Death is free. This would be pretty handy in PvP for instance. These macros does not work at all. In this case, it does not even use Jab if I spam it. What is wrong?

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    If Touch Of Death is on the global cooldown, then you cannot macro it to any other ability also on the global cooldown.

    Macroing two abilities that are on the global cooldown together will make the macro cast the first and ignore the second, even if the first is on cooldown.
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    u are not allowed to use 2 skills like that in a macro and the macro will try to cast touch of death first so i never even reaches jab if you cant use touch of death on your target and even if you could the macro would stop after using the first skill

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    Not to mention touch of death doesn't work on other players.

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    handy in pvp...ha that would be so imba its retarded even thinking about it.

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    Um touch of death does work in PvP.

    But OK, Appearently the macro stops even if it is unable to cast Touch of Death. This was possible last time I played a melee, granted, that was in TBC. Thanks for the help.

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    Touch of Death only works if you have the pvp set bonus, and only if they're at 10% or less. Otherwise no, it doesn't work.

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