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    Gearing up at L80, a semi comprehensive guide to endgame gearing

    Hey everyone, it has being more than a month since GW2 was released and alot of you are probably reached or about to reach L80. I thought this would be a time to release my endgame gearing guide that I wrote in the past week. Basically, if you are not sure what to do at L80 to get all exotics, then this might be a worth a read.

    Guide: http://dulfy.net/2012/10/03/gw2-endgame-gearing-guide/

    The guide is fairly lengthy and and to reduce the amount of vertical scrolling, I have enclosed most of the information in dropdown boxes. This allow you to skip the sections you don't want to read and jump onto the important bits right away. I will also include a TL: DR summary here.

    Those who care only about exotics might find these three charts helpful

    TLDR summary

    Basic Information

    • Item tiers (White (trash) < Blue (fine) < Green (masterwork) < Yellow (rare) < Orange (exotic) < Purple (legendary)
    • Item affixes (Berserker, Rampager etc)
    • Salvage everything that is L70+ for rare mats w/ discussions on salvage kit usage
    • Map Completion your 60-70 and 70-80 zones for L70+ exotics

    Trinkets & Backpieces
    • Skip rares and get Masterwork trinkets instead (stats upgrade is minimal and rares are about 45x the prices of masterworks)
    • Mats you need for exotic trinkets
    • You can get a rare guild backpiece for 5 gold (waste of money really)

    • Fine/Masterwork: Cursed Shore karma vendor location and stats
    • Fine/Masterwork: WvW karma vendor location and stats
    • Rare: What mats you need to get a full set crafted (1.5-2 gold for the full set)
    • Rare: WvW karma vendor also sell a rare set for 95k karma
    • Exotics: Select sets based on your stats preference
    • Exotics: Four ways to get full exotics: crafting (10-12 gold for full set), Dungeons (token grinds), WvW (Badges of Honor grind), or Karma (Orr Temple karma grind at 42k karma/piece)

    • Fine/Masterwork: Cursed Shore Karma vendors or WvW vendors
    • Rare: WvW karma vendors or T3 cultural vendors if you got spare karma (63k karma)
    • Rare: How to get them crafted w/ full mat list.
    • Exotics: Full mat list for regular crafting, mat list for mystic forge crafting, you can also get them from dungeons and wvw

    • A list of most exotic runes/sigils in the game with methods on obtaining them (mat list for those that are crafted)

    • Peach tarts for 26% magic find and +60 power (<20 copper each)
    • Onomnomberry stuff if you want 30% magic find
    • Lotus Fries are a cheaper alternative if you just want 30% magic find (1/3 price of Onomnom stuff)

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    Awesome read, Dulfy.

    Nice to see your efforts now turned to Guild Wars 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    Nice to see your efforts now turned to Guild Wars 2.
    I've been big fan of Dulfy's work especially when she was doing cleric related material for Rift. I didn't stay interested in SWTOR long enough to benefit from her guides there but I'm happy she's found a home with GW2. Hope to see you back for Storm legion Cleric love when the xpac comes out too.

    Happy Gaming!

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    She does Secret World too!

    But yes, I do enjoy Dulfy's blog posts quite a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    She does Secret World too!

    But yes, I do enjoy Dulfy's blog posts quite a bit.
    eeeck TSW.

    Also wtb knights karma gear...

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    Excellent guide as always, thanks

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    Thank you for the compliments! I do plan to come back to Rift for Storm Legion

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    Amazing and spectacular write up!! Bookmarked immediately, insanely useful

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    Extremely useful guide!

    Also the site's background is so neat, it doesn't hurt my eyes like this bright green :P .

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