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    Cool Tracking embers/procs

    So I'm finally getting around to setting up my add ons for all the new lock stuff and my question is what addon do you guys like to use for tracking your embers and spec specific procs. I used power auras but I heard that its not bein updated as much and weak auras is better. Is there anything better than these two and also any useful guides to get them setup?


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    Weak Auras is a better version of Power Auras imo. Theres a few nice youtube guides if you need a walkthrough as well.

    I;m using NugComboBar to track shards/embers/fury. Its a small/movable frame you can put wherever. I;m digging it lots.

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    I'll have to check that nugget out... Since that's what I'm mainly worried about... I don't like a cluttered ui so if its small it should work nicely

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    I don't see how the default tracking system doesn't work. Unless you want visual changes it's working allright. Only for Backdraft procs you might need an addon like Power Aura/Weakaura/TellMeWhen/NeedToKnow, etc.. But any raiding warlock is gonna choose a different spec so I dunno :P

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