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    From Warrior to DK need some advice

    I have played a Warrior since Vanilla, I love the class and am partial to plate wearers over any other class. I finally reached a point where I want to start a DK and looking for some quick advice from the long time players of the class. is the current state of the DK well or is it suffering from issues?

    I am considering a Blood Tank as the way I want to go. but am open to suggestions. thanks in advance for the help.

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    Personal belief ---> Blood tanking is in a good place. It is honestly not that hard to pick up and learn either. Each class that can be a tank, i have as a tank and have raided with each as said spec. ( exlcuding the Brewmaster monk, it is only a 42 tank right now) That aside, DK tanks are great for multiple things in game .
    --- great for raiding ( self heals are amazing )
    --- great for soloing ( again the self heals )
    --- have i mentioned self heals yet that are stupid good?
    Advice regarding spec specifics and 'rotations' and cd management can be found here in the MMO forums, good guide is stickied, use it, learn it, love it

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    There is a thread discussing this exact issue, right now:


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