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    recommend me a webcam

    i am in need of a webcam for possible live streaming and stuff like that what would you suggest

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    Do you currently have that one?

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    If it's just for live streaming, get the cheapest possible thing you can find. Resolution or overall image clarity doesn't matter if the image size is only going to be 150x150 anyway.
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    build pics

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    yet wouldn't you want decent quality?

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    I am looking at picking one up here soon just to Live stream and was wondering what you think, if it goes going to be less than 10feet away what would you suggest glo.

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    milkshake do you currently use that one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annthrax View Post
    milkshake do you currently use that one
    I do, no problems what so ever with it. Software was stashed away funny but it works flawlessly.

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    alright who wants to give me done more information do i need the camera have to be 1080 for NE to appear or what

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