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    I never have enough rage for execute on these bosses. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but in these heroic dungeons the bosses usually die before I've had enough time to get more than 1 or two executes out. So my question is two fold

    1. Should I be stock piling rage just before the execute phase?
    2. If not what am I doing wrong?

    I'm arms for dps btw. Strangely enough I don't have this problem as prot and at one point hit an 800k execute on Sha of Anger. It's retarded, execute is so strong I love it. I just wish I could use it more
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    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    It ultimately doesn't matter because heroics are so ridiculously easy that you seriously can't fail. This is also why you barely have time to execute. However, I'm finding that the DPR of execute is behind both RB and WS when their respective procs are up, and since CS also nets a greater damage yield and bloodthirst makes the aforementioned skills proc, I actually find that executing is only really necessary if you have an enormous rage surplus. As you've probably noticed, you almost never do at this stage in the game with <20% crit and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atrahasis View Post
    1. Should I be stock piling rage just before the execute phase?
    Yes of course. Cooldowns with cs and four executes are just awesome.
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    Stockpile rage as you close to 20% and then blow cooldowns + 120 rage on executes. Sacrifice dps if you have to, just have the rage ready. You wont do any dps worth talking about before the last 20% anyway.

    Probably best to just get 120 rage, go make a cup of tea and then come back for the execute phase.
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