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    So much for the tolerant left.
    It's about right, I'd say.

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    To all the people who say it's to early to to review or judge an MMO by the second week is absurd. If it was any other game a couple hours would be more then enough to judge a game if it was good, fun enjoyable to YOU. MMO's are no different, lets speak to MOP specifically though The first week we had access to everything except the new PvP season and Raiding. Just 2 aspects, big features in this game yes, but to withhold judgement based on two aspects is just as absurd as calling people out for judging the expansion before all content is released for it. Most people in this game don't even touch raiding or pvp (hard to believe but those are the facts) MoP has brought a load of things to do outside of those areas, I'd say 2 weeks is more then enough time to give an accurate judgment. Lets be honest here it's all subjective anyhow, people have been judging the game with out even playing it...."Pandas are dumb", "Pokemon is dumb", "this game is for casualkids now" etc.

    Or we can take this mindset when you say it's to early to judge, well then you can't judge WoW at all then can you? I mean the game is always getting more expansions, more patches, always being tweaked. Since there is no end to the game you can't clearly judge the game right? Since you obviously have not YET had the opportunity to try out all the new Raids, Bg's, Arenas, Dungeons etc.

    TLDR: Judge it for yourself, move on, don't put some absurd timetable on how long you judge a Game.
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    8 is still a good score. These days people get concerned when an AAA title scores less than a 9 in any review site. It's like a game that scores less than 9 is average or worse, bad. It's just the sad state of games being reviewed today.

    IGN criticized Tekken Tag Tournament 2 way more than other reviewers, but that didn't stop me from playing it. (Big fighting game fan though)

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    I think it is a fair score. I personally would rate higher but I can accept that rating

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    Quote Originally Posted by cityguy193 View Post
    It is not what warcraft is supposed to be or ever was. There was never a time where it was mandatory to do dailies, the closest being sons of hodir, I would much rather grind dungeons all day than to do quests, and I was disappointed that they removed that option.

    And the state of PvP atm is just sickening, hopefully they can get sorted out by 5.1.
    I was under the impression all the VP equivalent rewards could also be obtained in the raids themselves. Maybe I am wrong, but even then, it would only be something like an off set piece which would only be under 1 reputation, maybe.

    Guess it is mandatory if you are a mount collector though! :P

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    Honestly I was expecting a 7 or lower with a video featuring some guy rambling on about Wow's age and bringing up GW2 every 5 seconds and how old the game is while glancing over the content. I'm glad it did way better.

    FYI: Whatever you do don't read the comments on the reviews. It make every single complainer on these forums look like a saint. :/

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    there should be an option to vote for THE RENT BEING TOO DAMN HIGH

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    A rating is just someone else's opinion, doesn't mean it has to be yours nor should it sway your opinion.

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    numerical ratings are useless anyways.

    all blizzard needs to do is throw some cash at IGN and ...BAM 10/10.
    Gamers are too obsessed with the death of games. Imagine if all that energy was channeled into the LIFE of games.

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    I have to disregard anything IGN ever say. They give games like Call of Duty Modern Warfuck, Mass Effect 3, WoW Cataclysm 9-9.5/10.

    Heck even Dragon Age 2 has 8.5/10, that means MoP is basically on par with one of the worst games of 2011. Even SWTOR scored higher than Mists of Pandaria, lol...

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    Lol wut? I would give it 6/10 max.

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    I don't understand how people are reviewing a game that doesn't even have all of its features out yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    Personally I would've given it an 8, arguably 7.5.

    But this has more to do with my own views on ratings rather than the quality of the expansion so far. I'm not sure why review ratings have gotten to the point where 8-9 is considered the norm and anything below that is considered sub par, to me 9-10 are supposed to represent almost flawless products.

    As much as truly love WoW I don't consider a flawless game which is what I personally reserve 9's and 10's for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nameuser View Post
    Lol wut? I would give it 6/10 max.
    You haven't even played it. Just stop.

    OT: I would rate it higher.

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    The quantity and quality of what you get is far exceeding expectations for me, so I'd agree.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    Game review sites are such jokes I don't see why people care about them

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    I think it's about right but with the war getting ready to be amped up in the content patches I think it will only go up from here Love what Ive seen so far. Considering I think I only rated cata's opening release patch to be a 7, Mists is a marked improvement imo

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    While I agree with the score at the moment, lets all pump the breaks please. Beginning of Cata with T11 was amazing and everything after that was complete and total ass. Lets wait more than 2 week to make decision if this expansion is better than cata yet haha.

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    That is a lot higher than what they hinted in early review I read, I recall (whoever did that review) he was comparing a lot of in-game with GW2, even if GW2 is a different game than WoW (or at least for me)
    The beginning of wisdom is the statement 'I do not know.' The person who cannot make that statement is one who will never learn anything. And I have prided myself on my ability to learn
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    If WotLK and Cata got more than 9 for launch content then MoP deserves 10.

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