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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    You mean back when I could just spam Chain heal not worry about mana and could watch a movie while getting raid gear ? Nah, lol it was just too boring
    So I wasnt the only one that did that?

    While I miss CH being super powerful (I'm not 90 yet, so I dunno how it is in MoP), I really like the new healing style so far.

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    I just miss the old Regrowth with the long HoT. It was fun having 4 HoT's rolling at almost all times, I guess thats what made us a little OP in BC and Wrath though.

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    You had to heal in Wrath of the Lich King?
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    No. I played a Holy Paladin from Wrath of the Lich King through to Cataclysm, and I much preferred the Cataclysm Model. Towards the end of Cataclysm though, essentially they were the same thing. We had near endless mana except on the odd fight (Spine comes to mind).

    As a Monk Healer now, I can still say I prefer to manage my Mana and cooldowns. I love that how good I am at healing, how many wipes I prevent is down to my skill, not a random slam of some keys without care or concern of my Mana. I love working with my healing partner(s) to ensure we're making the most of our Mana and cooldowns, and not to over heal.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    As a Resto Shammy do I miss standing in Melle Range on Void Reaver (Burning Crusade tbf not Wrath) doing nothing but spamming one button and winning loot.

    God no I would rather stab myself than go back to that.

    The start of Cata felt really mana starved and at the end I was reforging out of spirit, again this did not fell right, they have put in changes to "even" this out over the expansion, here is hoping it pans out!

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    just standing on one place, with just one target and pushing 1-2 buttons for the whole time your playing? no thanks.

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    Healing in wrath was so simple and uninvolving that arcane mages could look down on them for complexity, because arcane had to push two buttons instead of one.

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    Resto druid in Wrath: My Performace was determined by how many of the 25 people in my raid I could have rejuvenation on at the same time.

    Resto druid in MoP: Healing requires thought to be done effectively in longer boss fights. I must be aware of what is mana efficient spells and what is not. I'm not constantly casting a healing spell.

    I definitly prefer the MoP healing style

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    Healing has improved so much since Wrath of the Lich King. So, no, thank you. I'd rather worry about mana management than just play whack-a-mole with infinite mana.

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    Definitely no, the cata and mists system actually has you engaged and making decisions.
    Healing with different classes since Vanilla

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    I played a Resto shaman and Holy pally in BC up to felmyst. Rsham was CHCHCHCH, Holy pally was rank8 HL, rank11 HL repeat if you missed a GCD, someone died.

    Rdruid and Rsham in wotlk was Rejuvx5 WGx1 repeat, and Riptide LHWLHW or CHCHCHCHCH if you missed a GCD, someone died.

    Cata healing on my Shaman was HW, HR, HS, GHW, CH, Riptide all for a different situation along with mana management.

    I had much more fun healing cata than mindlessly spamming my highest throughput spell with stacked haste allllll the time.
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    I would take it back in a second. LK style healing was flatly the most fun I ever had healing and I played/healed EQ1, all of WoW and AO. I'm pretty much a lifer healbot.

    The flat worst style, IMO is the current "GhostcrawlerCare" that completely kills any hard and fast style and just has a horrible 90% spam "efficent heal" with the careful use of the fun heals or OOM-GTFO.

    WotLK healing almost felt like DPSing and you could still carry bad groups to success, that's the whole reason I ever started healing! A force multiplier.

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    No, healing in wrath was boring as hell. I remember once going through an entire ICC raid using ONLY rejuv, and it worked. I believe i did this also with wild growth. Healing should not be doable by taking one of those novelty drinking birds and having it repeatably hit wild growth.

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    Healing in Wrath was so LoL, obvious alot of people enjoy stupid and broken stuff, so they want that back.
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    Healing in WotLK was way too easy. I remember doing HM LK on 25 man, and healing the fight as disc in my shadow gear and never dropping below 80% mana... I'm glad healing is the way it is now.

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    I'd care if mana actually meant anything, but it has always been an extremely unpunishing resource system. Mana classes are by far the easiest to play, especially in pve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolpve View Post
    I'd care if mana actually meant anything, but it has always been an extremely unpunishing resource system. Mana classes are by far the easiest to play, especially in pve.
    Not true at all. Actually, that's insanely far from the truth. What happens when a mana user runs out of mana? Auto attack for 458 damage a swing? At least with Warriors/Rogues/DK's and even Hunters you guy's can continue attacking your target, while casters/healers have to panic and need an Innervate or Priest Hymn.

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    Competing in the healer team is just dumb. Your suppose to be a team that works together to keep ppl up. Not someone looking for all the glory. Besides I always look at it this way...if im real high on healing then there must be a gimmick or my fucking raid team sucked balls on avoiding dmg.

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    I enjoyed healing in Wrath mostly because I felt all-powerful. Unless the group was intentionally being dumb, I could keep pretty much any 5 man up, and at times it felt pretty intense spamming like a madman to keep someone who was standing in the fire alive, which felt good.

    I can see why they changed it though. Resto shamans pretty much spammed chain heal, with riptide thrown in. You could skip riptide without losing much though most of the time. Palas pretty much spammed 1 heal too. Druids felt better, managing hots was fun, and relying mostly on them then switching to direct heals in "oh crap" moments meant it felt more involved than other healers I played. Rdruid was probably the most fun of the healers because of that, but you still felt all powerful. Spamming 1 heal in intense moments can have its place, but its not really well designed gameplay. Cata was a bit too punishing at first - if you got a bad group they'd often not take measures to prevent damage, then blame the healer for not healing them.

    I've not gotten to 90 on my healer yet, but dungeons feel better than they did during cata. I can spam my big heals for longer in big damage situations, but will get punished if I do it too much. I dont feel as constrained by my mana bar, but I do have to pay attention. If this is what its like at 90 then I'll enjoy it more than I did initially at 85.
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    if healing in wrath was a free ride, you're essentially saying that DPS is always a free ride as you can spam your abilities at any given time.

    Having to worry about mana is terrible. Mana regeneration is a terrible mechanic. Standing about doing nothing, aborting heals to get some mana back is beyong terrible. I want to do stuff and not stand by idling. Shamans getting mana back through casting a nuke is a good idea. Then you can actually weave that in and not just wait/abort casts and got someting to do.

    Having to drink after one or two trash packs, yet again, terrible. They realized it's terrible for DPS. Why is it ok for healing classes?

    It's pretty obvious that there needs to be a resource cap somewhere. It just shouldn't be mana. Holy Power is a reasonably mechanic for example. Tie the really powerful heals to Holy Power, which is a limited resource, thus those heals cannot be spammed. Tons of different good solutions. Mana isn't one of them and healing in MoP is annoying me.

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