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    I prefer fast paced healing, so obviously I preferred the Wrath healing style.

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    Spamming only Flash of Light or Holy Light (not both) throughout entire fights while getting to press Holy Shock once in a while? Never again. Never again.

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    Funnily enough, I prefer the BC healing style in that the healing per mana ratio was much higher. Though I'm fine with this one, too. I actually have to think about which heals I use as opposed to spamming Renew, and keeping PoM and CoH on cooldown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banzhe View Post
    Why would anyone want a game design with infinite resources to spam with with?- Seems every expansion when people can't adjust and use their brain these threads come to life again.
    I like fast paced healing, as someone above me agreed. It's just more fun feeling powerful. If you had to DPS, and watch your mana, stop casting to save it, and think about everything you did, would that be fun? Not for me. I've healed all through Cataclysm, never missing a raid. Going to 76th US each tier. I know what I'm doing, I know how to do it. I've just grown tired of it.

    It may be that this boss is just a complete refresh, but I really like this style than the one currently being used. It's just more fun for my play style.

    Also - I saw a few threads when Cataclysm came out, but have yet to see one in MoP about how "people can't adjust and use their brains" and make threads about it. Please educate yourself before you post.

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    And what do you mean by "adjusted"? In a way, I "adjusted" because I successfully killed every Cata heroic raid boss as a healer and finished Dragon Soul hard modes in top 50 US. But it never became fun and I spent pretty much the entire expansion (except for fights with healing gimmicks or that were heavily nerfed) feeling like my heals hit like wet noodles. WotLK was fun to heal. BC was fun to heal. Vanilla had its moments I suppose, but I wouldn't want to go back. MoP sounded like it was going to be more of the same healing style I didn't enjoy, except now with a mana cap and lower regen due to mechanics changes. It took the excessive Dragon Soul debuff to get rid of the constant feeling that I was bailing out the sinking Titanic with a bucket every time I cast one of those pathetic sized heals. I just don't enjoy feeling weak. Perhaps the smaller heals relative to health in Cata would have been tolerable if they had not raised mana costs/lowered regen so much at the same time. Or perhaps the weaker regen would have been tolerable had the heals remained larger. The combo of nerfing heal size while making mana so restrictive and boring to manage (the only mana management I've ever enjoyed is downranking and 5SR) killed all enjoyment I got from healing.

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    Infinite mana means no skill required. Spam your biggest heal and no one should die.

    In short, it'd be a faceroll. There should be some difficulty to justify the role existing.
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    As a paladin who raided in WotLK, it was absolutely terrible and boring. It didn't require skill at all since you can pretty much spam Holy Light throughout the entire fight. Add to the fact that we were dedicated tank healers, we were spamming one skill on one player.

    The most essential playstyle for healers is managing our resource. WotLK wasn't interesting and Cata made some adjustments in the right direction. Now, having spirit exclusive to regeneration, int to throughput, and mana as (almost) static value, healing in MoP is more interesting and more fun.

    And let's not forget the reason we had to spam. Tanks, roles that should be able to handle multiple hits, that can die in a second from a boss without giving room for any decision making in part for the healer and the tank is bad design. "Why did the tank die?" "Because I wasn't spamming my heals."

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    Infinite mana means no skill required. Spam your biggest heal and no one should die.

    In short, it'd be a faceroll. There should be some difficulty to justify the role existing.
    I remember seeing this way back when WG/CoH was first nerfed, it wasn't true then and it isn't true now. Any player that just sat there and spammed those types of spells would put such a burden of the other healers, that they would not have a raid spot for very long. It simply was not possible to keep up with big tank damage on many bosses, especially in TBC where massive AoE phases were built in to, "test those abilities" and then big tank damage followed.

    Anyone that claims to have had that healing style is either boasting/trolling or if being truthful, just a horrible drag on their guild.

    The downranking and the '5SR' was the most interesting regen mechanic WoW had for healers IMO though. I was quite sad to see it go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumpieboi View Post
    So, question is in the title. I'm currently working on Gara'jal, and it's bringing me back to old times, just spamming Rejuv/Wild Growth, and competing with other healers through throughput, rather than class regen/throughput/random damage. Spam all you want, and never run out of mana, It's fantastic.

    What are your thoughts?
    You didn't raid hcs did you?
    Yes I prefer Wrath style over Cataclysm, no mistake your mana stays, 2-3 mistakes you oom
    Cata style was no mistake you oom anyway
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    I used to heal at 80 in wotlk, it was to easy, put it this way, first time I healed, was on my mates 2nd account because they were short of people, it was during toc, and he was avg 232/245 geared, I healed the Jarox w/e his name is solo because one died the other dced, when we got to the twins, the dc'd was off for the night, so we 2 healed that, I kept the raid up, as well as the main tank, and the other healer was struggling so I was keeping a eye on his tank as well,

    This was on a disc priest, using the default UI, not even the default we have now, the old system where you had to physically drag the name plate from the raid social tab on to your screen to see their hp,

    just spammed shield, pennance and flash heal

    We didnt wipe at all that night,

    however, when cata hit and I hit heroics on my own priest then, I was completely fucked and couldnt heal to save my life, Id grown too dependent on flash,
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    God no. Most boring healing ever, spam spam spam spam if group is bad - riptide is group is good and count flies on my wall...

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    I have much more fun on my healer alt when I have to plan my actions beforehand. WotLK was one of the most boring expansions healing-wise. Outside of the raids all the classes tend to have an ability for every situation nowadays as well.

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    Imo healing should be about speed and decision making in healing right people with right spells at the right time. If you make wrong decisions, they die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentStocket View Post
    Imo healing should be about speed and decision making in healing right people with right spells at the right time. If you make wrong decisions, they die.
    Whack-a-mole undeniably has its charm but I don't think that it is the best model with the healing in WoW in mind. It is also harder to add more depth levels to the gameplay when it's superficial and/or binary at best. It would likely end up as either too easy or too hard.

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    I just wish my Holy Light still did an aoe splash that healed melee as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliot123 View Post
    Tbh I'd rather have WotLK healing than Cata healing.
    yupppppppp lol

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    I miss WOLTK so much... Then the Cataclysm came and all of the joy of my Resto Shaman went with it. I enjoyed the healing not because it was insanely easy but because I could actively do things without worrying about 'Oh well if I use this spell then i'll be OOM later' it was a matter of reacting to the mechanics and throwing in some DPS on the occasion while spamming chain heal. After the change? It all went to hell and I went DPS.. I miss it every day though.

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