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    [H] <Ward> 2/16 Recruiting skilled players

    [H] <Ward> 4/16 Recruiting skilled players

    <Ward> of Ysera is now looking for heroic-ready raiders for Mists of Pandaria progression. We are currently pushing our way through Mogushan Vaults and plan to push into heroic when it is released. Many of us have experience in WoW that dates back to Vanilla. We value performance and focus over favoritism and drama.

    Raid times:
    Monday-Thursday from 9-12 EST

    Monk DPS
    Priest DPS
    Shaman DPS
    All exceptional applicants will be considered.

    <Ward> used to be an Alliance guild named <Unleashed> which as of late is the oldest guild on the server. Though not many of the original Unleashed member are active their philosophy of being the best on the server has not dwindled.

    We expect all raiders to be prepared for all raids and to study to make sure they are doing the best they can for when raid time rolls around. We do not like to babysit people into learning their classes. We will do our best to help out with problems you may be having, but we expect everyone to do their own research.

    We use the master loot and roll system. Raiders will always take priority over apps when it comes to gear.

    How to apply:
    You can apply online at
    You can contact me for more information via Real I.D: [email protected]
    You can also contact one of our officers: Worr, Kennyfish, or Auzerais
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    Too the top with ya

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    bumping for DPS

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    Bumping for the bump of bumping this bump

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    Bumping for DPS that can do over 50k

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    Bump for 3/16

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    Bumping for DPS
    We are also 4/16 now

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    Interesting; you might be hearing from me in a day or two. Waiting to see if my other guild goes through.

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    bump bumpa bump

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    Am I missing something here? Where is the raid with 16 bosses?
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