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    Want cheaper gems?

    Cheaper gems with the same stats as the normal blue gem?
    Here's ur solution:
    Bold Primordial Ruby = the normal expensive one 160 strength
    Perfect Bold Pandarian Garnet 100g cheaper or more same stats 160 strength

    Use to find ur perfect cut diamond's and save thousands of gold

    Just want to enlighten u peeps on this

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    ngl I voted based on the thread title and not on the post. I'm bad

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    This actually shouldn't be happening, its just that jewelcrafters are being stupid when they list gems and not realizing that perfect greens = normal blues

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    On my server the perfect cuts are 100-200g more expensive than the rare cuts :/

    So I chose no.

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    Our perfects and blues are roughly the same pric

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drhomie View Post
    On my server the perfect cuts are 100-200g more expensive than the rare cuts :/

    So I chose no.
    On silvermoon Eu perfect cut is 60-80g while Bold is 160+++

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    On my realm perfect ones are usually 100-200 gold cheaper than blue ones.
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    Perfect cuts are cheaper on my realm too. And they just sound better, so they should be worth more.

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    Prices are volatile within the first couple weeks of a game? No way. That can't possibly happen.

    It'll even out soon enough.

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    What a retarded reason for a poll.

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    Well unlike others I will thank you for this knowledge because I didn't know that cutting green quality gems could reward me with a blue quality gem. Guess I'll stop saving them up for my alchemist to transmute.. though I HATE the transmute takes a golden lotus... F those prices
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    Reckless = 500g

    Perfect Reckless = 20g. I lol'd

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    The blue quality jems are already really cheap on my server.
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    I see cut blues, literally, going for 30G at the moment. Some guy just decided to hammer the prices and all the guys with addons just undercut it like everything else. Crashed the market. I assume someone will be buying soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    Reckless = 500g

    Perfect Reckless = 20g. I lol'd
    true, though I still use the normal ones cause the optimizer I use, doesnt like perfect gems

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