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    Alch and Inscription profession questions.

    So I am leveling an alt with herb and so far I have about 800 Green Tea Leaf. Are these worth miling for inscription?? I read that the Fool's cap were the best ones for the rare ink, but are these tea ones worth it or should I just sell/use them for alch?

    Also with learning new alch recipes can only making certain things let you learn new stuff or is it completely random?? Also is there a point that you can't learn new stuff off making something?? Like I was making more of the healing potions and wasn't learning anything new from them and I tried a couple other gray things and also didn't learn anything. So what is the deal with that?

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    I would use them for inscription imo. Glyphs are making me steady money so far this xpan and you really don't use Green Tea Leaf that much for the higher end alchemy items.

    And to answer your second question, once your healing potions are greyed out, move on. Start making new potions / xmutes / flasks / items. You'll learn new reciepes off those.

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    So what you are saying is once something is gray you won't learn anything new from making it?? Or is it just the healing potions?

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    How are people doing money wise with alchemy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wopper View Post
    How are people doing money wise with alchemy?
    400-500g per flask.

    Transmute living steel cd selling for 500g+

    Pots selling 20g per one.

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