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    wo why is everyone complaining about aff? (pvp)

    outside being locked to death by a warrior and bursted down by hunter/mages

    what in god names make aff soooooooo broken? i mean lol their playing a diferent game than mine? or should i take a guess and think theyre just 1500 kids who let the lock spam MF/haunt on their faces

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    Probably because we are still funneled into having a healer back us up 95% of the time.
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    Yeah, it's pretty hard to do much when i'm constantly being locked. Especially warriors. Can't do anything against them.

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    im not telling why warlocks are complaining, other ppl are complaining about aff being op and im like WHAT THE FUCK?, multidotting is dead and it relays in hard casting MF to pull dmgs i dont get it whats the op part that im missing

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    What I've heard randomly is the soaking part I think of our healthstones and Dark Regeneration. Though the dmg itself I never heard people moan about.

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