My setup addon uses a reflux command to set each individual addon to the correct profiles with one click however the Minimap addon called SexyMap has changes how its profiles work with the newest update:

Is it possible to add some lines of lua script to my addon so that the Global Profiles option becomes active so it sets it up automatically as well? The reason for this is that because of the change, SexyMap no longer loads automatically which can be a pain since I do not want multiple profiles for each separate character.

I looked in the SexyMap.lua files and at line 187 it says the same message that you get when trying to activate the global profile option:

		globalProf = {
			order = 17,
			type = "toggle",
			name = L["Use Global Profile"],
			width = "full",
			confirm = function(info, v)
				if v and then
					return L["A global profile already exists. You will be switched over to it and your UI will be reloaded, are you sure?"]
				elseif v and not then
					return L["No global profile exists. Your current profile will be copied over and used as the global profile, are you sure? This will also reload your UI."]
				elseif not v then
					return L["Are you sure you want to switch back to using a character specific profile? This will reload your UI."]
			get = function()
				local char = (UnitName("player").."-"..GetRealmName())
				return type(SexyMap2DB[char]) == "string"
			set = function(info, v)
				local char = (UnitName("player").."-"..GetRealmName())
				if v then
					if not then = mod.deepCopyHash(SexyMap2DB[char])
					SexyMap2DB[char] = "global"
					SexyMap2DB[char] = nil
Not sure if that helps at all. Thank you in advanced! Would be great to finally be able to use this addon again.