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    Warrior PvP Glyphs, Talents & Tips

    I've been having a lot of success as an arms warrior, as I'm sure any competent arms warrior is right now. I want to have a thread discussing your tricks and ideas for warrior, as well as glyphs & talent combos that you find particularly effective.

    For instance, I have noticed many warriors go with Piercing Howl. I have taken Staggering shout. I find that the additional root CC is pretty nice for controlling, esp. in 1v1.

    For major glyphs: gag order, enraged speed, death from above. I find that the mobility makes the difference right now.

    What do you people think about the staggering vs piercing?

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    Enraged speed is not that great a glyph but viable. I personally love hindering strikes due to having a slow off the gcd.

    Staggering Shout is maybe good if you run a comp where you already have reliable AoE slow. Other than that I Think piercing howl is really good, because it has range 15y and sometimes you just absolutely need that in order to close the distance to your target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenEnergy View Post
    Enraged speed is not that great a glyph but viable. I personally love hindering strikes due to having a slow off the gcd.
    Yeah I switched to enraged speed yesterday instead of hindering strikes and am not in love with it. A lot of warriors use Glyph of MS or Overpower. The buff doesn't seem that big of a deal on those though.

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    Glyph of Gag Order - Blanket Silences are always good.
    Glyph of Heroic Leap - More mobility? Sounds good.
    Glyph of Mortal Strike or Glyph of Bull Rush or Glyph of Rude Interruption - This all depends on how you want to play. I use Mortal Strike, but some people like stacking Rude interruption with Avatar, reck, zerker rage, skull banner, trinket for the extra damage. Glyph of Bull Rush is good if you like to sit in defensive stance for extra rage.

    Double Time - Only really good with Glyph of Heroic leap. Otherwise, just go with juggernaut.
    Second Wind - Best defensive heal in the game for any plate melee.
    Piercing Howl - Safe talent for any longtime warrior. Staggering Shout may be good with hindering strikes glyph.
    Shockwave - 20 second cd 4 second stun that doesn't cost anything. Take it.
    Mass Spell Reflection/Safeguard - Depends what you're playing with. MSR is good for solo play while safeguard is better for team play. Personally, I would go with MSR. The root break from safeguard sounds nice until you get the warrior 4 piece that increases your speed by 70% from heroic leap. You'll have enough mobility anyway.
    Avatar - Just get it.

    You don't need enraged speed when you get the warrior 4 piece.

    Either always sit in defensive stance or swap to it when you get below 50% health. This depends on how you want to play. The wrong way to play however, is not to use defensive stance at all.

    Die by The Sword can be used offensively against melee like a Rogue's Evasion.

    Don't bother with Slam if you have too many GCD's to fill or Taste for Blood keeps proccing. Only use Slam when Colossus Smash, Overpower, Mortal Strike is on cooldown.

    Use Thunderclap to apply the old demo shout debuff and blood and thunder.

    Use intimidating shout defensively against non warrior melee who try to global you. Make sure you don't have deep wounds on the enemy you feared. You can also use it to CC a healer in arena. Intimidating shout is pretty much Blind on a one minute cooldown.

    Learn to use you reflects well.

    Learn to abuse gag order with shockwave into mass spell reflection. Also learn to abuse heroic leap, charge to interrupt casts that can't be interrupted by pummel.

    Learn to abuse piercing howl kiting against melee who don't have you snared. Rets and Rogues are perfect examples of this. Piecering howl kiting into a charge > shockwave > Piercing howl > Intimidating shout works well against anything that is trying to burst you down.

    Abuse gag order on ret paladins, enhance and any DK. Those melee classes use magic spells to do any sort of damage. Abuse Disarm as well.

    Last is to have fun.
    rip Dave Zablidowsky

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    I am currently playing as arms, but playing a little differently, rather then trying to wtfpwn with my damage which I find mediocre at best. I am playing it to be a huge pain in the arse to my target.

    I take double time, second wind, disrupting shout, shockwave, mass spell ref, stormbolt.

    now! for not taking avatar, Im aware some warriors are already ready to hit me with big sharp sticks. but. I play bgs to win. I enjoy winning, and this has proven to be very effective for me.

    this toolkit gives me is incredibly useful for being a pain.

    I have several charges,leaps, 2 stuns, a snare, a fear, 2 silences (should they be able to cast anything) a fear breaker, a phys debuff, a disarm. a spell reflect, and a mass spell reflect..

    I can make myself a goddamn nuisance for anything, whether its a caster on ME or a buddy of mine. a melee on my FC, or me. whatever the situation, I have found this toolkit to be the most effective at well.. pissing them off something chronic. the end result is usually me dead, because they become so irate with being snared/slowed/stunned by me that they focus ON me.

    I know its not to everybodies taste, but its working great for me. the only part I could be convinced about is tier 2, the aoe interrupt is crazy nice though. but I can see how the root AND the snare would have benefits.

    this is why I fully believe this is the best expac yet, because there IS no set build. there is nobody out there that can PROVE the way I play is.. wrong? if that makes sense :P its just a different playstyle, which I happen to find very effective!

    as for glyphs I use bull rush, death from above and gag order.

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    The only thing I'm really wondering about is how to gem. Is pvp power better than resil?

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    Im doing:

    Red = strength/pvp power (Tense)
    Blue = Pvp power (Stormy)
    Yellow = Pvp power/Resil or pure resil, probably better going pure resil now with low gear (Vivid/Mystic)
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    Red = str/pvp power.
    Blue = pvp power.
    Yellow = res/pvppower, crit/pvppower.
    Serpent Eye's = Double Crit.
    Third Pris if blacksmithing = pvp power.

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    I'm really new to warrior, havn't played since wotlk (where i played lock/shammy) and got a SoR so i boosted a warrior to 80 and just dinged it 90. What general tips can you give me in terms of BG PvP, rep farm and the lots. Also i'm running Dragons Roar right now.. Is the 4 sec stun from shockwave better?
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