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    Enchancement pvp

    how are enhance doing in arena as of right now? What comp are you running /seeing?

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    Interested in that as well. My guess is enh/melee/heal being the go-to comp again.

    A holydin as a healer would bring freedom for you, which would be almost mandatory to have considering our loss of Earthern Power and SW's 4(?)sec freedom effect. A ret would probably need it himself, also: plate+shield=hard to take out.

    My bet on the most synergetic melee partner would be either on warrior or rogue.
    Both have a good stun (rogues have several), good gap closing and the MS-debuff. Strenghts that compensate for our lack. I dunno who has better pvp burst of the two, but with enh now having a shitload of bursty cooldowns, I can imagine us being able to compensate even when running with the class with less burst, if it may bring other benefits. This is why I believe rogues probably being our best buddies.

    Stuns, MS poison (and many others), stealth, speed, gap closing, survivability with tons of sv-cooldowns, self heal through poison/recuperate, good CC (blind, sap) and and and...

    I doubt there's another class as supportive as a rogue when it comes to pvp. Enh brings better utility than it used to, both in pve/p, but the most important ones missing (mobility, mana, CC (cpt blergh, hex meh)) are still quite severe and need being taken care of well.
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    Since Elemental isnt looking that very good so far I also decided to focus on enhancement and uhm prehaps play 2v2 (Any good setup?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annelot View Post
    Since Elemental isnt looking that very good so far I also decided to focus on enhancement and uhm prehaps play 2v2 (Any good setup?)
    You should try enhance/ret if you're wanting to do 2v2. Good damage, a lot of pressure on anything that has to hard cast (as any melee cleave is) and you're both able to do a ton of offhealing to yourselves and each other. It's not a perfect comp, but you'll be surprised how effective it can be in 2v2. As for 3v3, any cleave team can use one and be effective. Hybrids are very good in 3v3 right now, and enhance is always best complimented by other melee. Warrior, perhaps.

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    Enhance/arms/resto druid, solid setup.

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    I´ve got 2,4k+ playing beastcleave (with rdruid as healer), But lsd farmed us to 2.3k. We deal really good vs kfc, but not so good vs phd.

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    Enhancement with a good melee setup such as Arms/Feral/Ret with a rdruid healer will be a T1 comp this season... Serious burst when needed, better survivability lunatic off healing potential make it a strong option in what will be a caster heavy ladder this season once warrior/BM gets nerfs

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    I expect Enhance/rogue/healer, probably a rdruid, would provide a team with a lot more control, if you adverse to pure burst comps. If not, pairing an enhance and druid with a warrior or BM hunter would be profitable. For 2's, I'd pick either a ret, rogue or warrior as a partner, and just blow something up within a few seconds.

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