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    Raiding Applications of Zen Meditation?

    I have yet to seem to find any actual usage for Zen Meditation so far. I've killed the first four bosses, and everything I tried to use Zen Meditation on wasn't actually working for the raid (charges weren't being used up). So far it seems better used as a self cooldown during periods of intense aoe. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious though? Has anyone been able to find any applicable usage for Zen Meditation as a Raid Cooldown so far?

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    I had the exact same problem. I tried to use it on several things, and it seems that any AoE spell will not be redirected by Zen Meditation. The only abilities that it redirected to me were the targeted Shadow Bolt on the Spirit Kings encounter (which you interrupt anyway), and the bolts the adds on Elegon fire (the one that causes the -healing taken debuff). And those are not really worth using it for.

    It might possibly work on things like Flame Breaths for when you're not tanking , but those probably count as AoE too. Let's hope there'll be some fights this tier it will be useful on. For now it seems a very situational raid cooldown.
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    Redirection part of Zen Meditation is most likely just like absorb/redirect of Grounding Totem. Having raided as a Shaman from TBC to end of Cata, I can tell you that it doesn't work on almost anything. There's usually 1-2 spells per raid that it works on, and those are so very insignificant that it's not worth using on them.

    It's 90% damage reduction for non-tanks that lasts 8 seconds but you can't DPS or heal with it, or alternatively you could use it as a tank to soak one big hit that you know is coming, like Impale on Madness. For those situations, it's pretty good. For anything else, not so much.

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    I don't know why this ability was hyped so much tbh. The redirect mechanic is, iirc, worded similarly to that of Grounding Totem which has indeed been pretty useless for raiding.
    It's probably the last oh crap button you use in a raid as you can't dps with it on. I think it has more potential as a healer in pvp provided you're safe for a while.

    I think it works well during the MC fest that is Sha of Fear world boss though.

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    It works for the shadow bolts on gara'jal which i would use @ 20% while not tanking. I would use it on epicenter, i don't think it redirects that but it's still 90% damage reduction which helps on healing. Same for Arcane Velocity and Draw Flame.

    Even if it doesn't redirect the spells to you it still helps out the healers a lot. 500k less healing every 3 minutes adds up!

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    seems as thought it works with avent harm into meditation but im not really sure
    soaking explosion while tanking when diffuse magic is on cd

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    I've been using it for the 90% damage reduc on fights like Elagon to soak the adds explosion but only for myself. Can save healers some healing ect but at the moment doesn't look like a viable raid cool down to be using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeoni View Post
    I've been using it for the 90% damage reduc on fights like Elagon to soak the adds explosion but only for myself. Can save healers some healing ect but at the moment doesn't look like a viable raid cool down to be using.
    It appears to work on Elegon, when the add explodes i use it and 5 people in the raid take a lot less damage than the others.

    Otherwise i've just used it as a personal CD on the other fights

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    I sacrifice myself by eating petrification stacks during trash. Lets me feel heroic AND skip trash.

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    Here's when I used it this week (All this is on 25man):

    25man Spirit guards - Never
    Feng - For those times when you can't stun Epicenter and the shield is on CD, use Advert Harm + Zen meditation + glyph of Zen Meditation. Also usable on P3 during Arcane Velocity
    Gara'jal - Not really needed, but you can use it while offtanking or in the spirit realm if you're DPS is getting hammered. Just don't forget to touch of death your mob in time.
    Spirit Kings - Single tank fight, so can't use it. If you're switching to DPS then you might be able to use it during the Zian portion, but otherwise not sure.
    Elegon - Zen + Glyph of Zen to mitigate annihilation
    Will - Two tank fight, didn't find time use it.

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