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    Help setting up ForteXorcist

    So I'm an affliction warlock that recently started raiding, and I am looking for a bit of help to set up this addon, as everyone keeps telling me this is the one to get

    I have looked around on this forum to see if I could find what I needed, but what I found was too specific. For now I mainly need help to even get started with this addon, so if anyone has the time to help me out, or a link to an updated guide for the new version, it would be appreciated. Also, what exactly can I make this addon do for me? One of the main things I need is a better way to track targets when multi-dotting 2-3 mobs, but when I initially tried with ForteXorcist, they were just stacked on each others and was too hard to tell them apart effectively.

    Hope someone out there can help me get started or at the very least help me with the multi-dot situation
    Thanks in advance


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    I don't think there is a way for ForteX to be less cluttered. That's just what it is: a big ol' pile of timers.

    If you are interested in seeing individual timers when multidotting I suggest getting Tidyplates addon, with one of their packs added maybe for more style. That will give you nameplates with the dots above them, making it VERY easy to see which mob needs what and when.

    If you are going to further invest time in getting to know an addon I'd spend my time getting into an aura display addon, like Weakauras or the slightly less complex Tellmewhen. These will allow you to track things like when a mob goes beneath 20% health or when your trinket has procced with special visual or audio clues.

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    Oh you just get used to it. I use a combination of tidy plates and Forte to gauge which add needs their dots refreshing.

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