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    Felguard vs. Wrathguard

    Hello everyone.

    I'm currently playing demo-spec, and have been looking at elitistjerks at their simulationcraft of the 3 specs.
    It says that aff is higher on DPS, then demo and then destro. No problem there.
    But, when you get down to see what pet is the best, in their sim-craft of that, it says the Felguard is higher than the Wrathguard.
    How is that to be understood ? I got to think that Felguard is with Grim of Service, so is that sim-craft made from the assumption that the Service guard is used on every cooldown available ? And does it even take the Terrorguard vs. Doomguard into account ?
    I just find it hard to believe that Felguard, alone, should do higher DPS than the Wrathguard.

    So what's the story about it ?
    It just sounds wierd that it is possible to have an effective 100% uptime, on every CD of course, on the extra Felguard from Grim of Service. So yes, if I have been reading the sim-craft correctly, Felguard + Grim of Service might be the best DPS right now, theoreticially, but, imho, using the extra Felguard on every CD is not always that great if adds are spawning and such. And if some thing die before the full duration, it's a DPS loss right there, or am I missing something ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Simmed results are (unless noted) always on a stand still single target fight, with perfect player execution. Sims are the best "proof" we have of measureable differences in these scenarios. That does not make them gospel, though.

    The problem with your assumption about not using Felguard on cooldown does not take into account that you could be using the Service cooldown at a moment where you get a VERY high result from it, which would further propel the Felguard over the Wrathguard. Both scenarios are true, yours about using Service at a badtime and not on cooldown, and mine about having perfect conditions to use it and getting more benefit than simmed. You just have to think for yourself to find these possibilities to make the best use of your different talents and abilities.

    TL;DR: No, you are not wrong, it's a good example of why not to take Sim results at face value.

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