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    dungeon or quests?

    hey there

    im leveling my monk at the moment but what is better?
    from 85-90 quests or dungeon spamming as a tank?

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    Probably questing now. Before dungeon spamming 85-87 because over population was the way to go but it's probably questing now.
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    Questing is faster because you can pull multiple mobs and blaze through every quest without fearing death.
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    Our whole group got realm first for each class, we did dungeons all the way, but questing is alot faster if you are alone.

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    And for anyone curious to 1-85, at least the first portion is best to dungeon spam. I average about 4-6 levels every 2 hours when I have enlightenment up and I try hard.

    85-90 do what's fun IMO. I'll probably go with dungeons.
    Regen#1804 need NA overwatch friends.

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