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    WoWReforge, MrRobot, all those things had the same issue for me.

    ReforgeLite is what I am using, basically when you press "Calculate", it gives you a table of how much of the stats you will get.

    Keep pressing Calculate until it comes up with one with the proper hit cap and exp cap reached, works for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ssateneth View Post
    robot and reforgelite are both crap. wowreforge will get it the closest of all 3 because it exhaust EVERY option.. just make sure to put in the correct caps and weights.

    There is also an addon that supports
    on wowreforge for my blood dk, i have multiple items that are dodge/parry, and it doesn't even suggest reforging either of those to mastery, even though the default weights are 100:2:1 mastery:dodgearry. pretty much never using that site again.

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    I think reforgelite is actually kinda defective right now, all the presets were all set accordingly, but when I reforged to the raiding caps it put me to 2.8% hit and almost no expertise >.>
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