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    Item/money regain question.

    Long story short, a while ago when i played WoW i messed up and managed to get my account hacked once resulting in all my money on my chars disappearing. I managed to regain them which was fine. Since then i have cancelled my subscription but recently (past few months) my brother managed to get a few free days on my account again and log back in to once more find all my items gone -.- My question is, i'm tempted to buy mists, but i really don't want to start again with 0 money etc, so after all this time do you think there is any hope of me getting my ingame items etc back if i were to purchase mists? Or could i use a 10day free trial somehow to log back into my account and ask a GM...thanks.

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    You don't need to log into the game to open a ticket. You can do it from the support site. Your best bet is to try asking and see what they say.

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    And stop visiting shady sites, check your pc and get an authenticator
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    Yeah thanks...been on battle.net and sent a ticket (didn't realise it was possible) and yeah lios...i think it was stupidity of opening a fake email i think....learnt my lesson though. If my account is all good as it was i'll be happy and probably buy Mists.

    edit...Just got a response

    'Seems like your account was hacked earlier this year, we secured and restored your account though, so if you decide to come back we can resend your items to your characters.

    Just let us know if you want to do that. '

    All sorted.
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