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    More Warcraft Machinima

    Hello MMO-Champion,

    I'm making a "Moves Like Jagger" machinima music video for a friend of mine, and I wanted to see if anyone could give me some constructive criticism on how I could make it better. I uploaded a couple of samples of the video to Youtube (the samples and entire video are very much undone and need a lot of work, like color correction) - don't expect anything like Illegal Danish :P.

    Check them out and let me know what you think.

    http:/ /youtu.be/IDE-kvs7iT4

    http:/ /youtu.be/Y0yo_W8Zles

    P.S. - Not sure if I should be putting this in the sticky or not since I'm asking for advice rather than just putting up my video.

    P.P.S. - Still can't post links since I haven't posted enough ; I separated the two "/"s apart.

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    Don't use Moves Like Jagger

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    Don't use Moves Like Jagger
    Too late for that :P.

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