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    87 on my shammy. Bouncing back and forth between him and leveling my monk. I'm considering just sticking to the monk and taking him all the way to 90 first.

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    I'm level 88, havent't been on MOP much because of damned university, even my account sponging sister hit 90 before me on her blood elf mage, and she plays like, 5 times a year >_>, I just need to find time to play it really

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    I hit 90 about a week ago, but I don't have the patience to take any alts there at this time.

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    no...taking it slow...exploring and whatnot

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    Just dinged 87 with my Tauren warrior and that's the only Toon i have played till now in MoP, i am clearly not in a rush

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    My 2 "mains" are not 90 yet (87 and 85). But I rushed a gatherer to 90, but seeing prices are falling insanely fast I kinda gave up gathering after I leveled up my professions, and made a decent profit.
    So now it's back to leveling my other chars.

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    My main has only just dinged 86, what with pet battles, exploring and playing abit on my monk I'm taking it nice and easy.

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    60% through 89, so close but dread wastes is such an annoying zone when you can't fly

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    Late 87. I'm enjoying the questing so much that I can't be bothered to rush anything. Got the first three zones cleared and I am really excited to see the remaining ones

    After that, I guess I'll have a little more speed on my alts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    Currently I'm that divided between exploring Pandara, levelling my monk and experiencing pet battles that my main still hasn't hit 87 I'm spoiled for choice
    Well... Besides my Shaman who is 90, my other 8 level 85's aren't =X, if you count my Horde server then 9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babaganouch View Post
    Rushed my monk from 1-90 in 2 days.
    That is friggin amazing. It took me about four days to get from 85 to 90 on my main. I was playing so much I started to get addiction paranoia. Then again, PVP server and all that entails.
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    I just dinged 90 on my DK, played him first because he is the only character with 310% flying, now I need to level up my rogue, paladin, warrior and druid... then choose the class I want to play with this X-pack.
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    took me exactly 7 days to get to 90, Pandaria has so much more to offer in the art than any other Xpac zone bliz has made so i chose to take the time to enjoy it.

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    Hit 90 this morning after starting last Saturday. Loved the leveling experience, especially the Rare Spawns, random BoA Items, Lore objects and Quest Flows. I've been playing a lot and got Pandaria Loremaster this morning on my Warrior. Enjoyed leveling more than I ever expected, and was in no rush to hit 90. I still have two 85 Alliance and an 85 Horde to level, or an alt. I also want to see the Wandering Isle, based on a friends opinion and MoP Zones. Bravo Blizzard on the questing experience, let's hope the 90 Content continues this ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    That is friggin amazing. It took me about four days to get from 85 to 90 on my main. I was playing so much I started to get addiction paranoia. Then again, PVP server and all that entails.
    *Two days played that is : ) Took about Didn't hit 90 untill Friday.
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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    nope, I decided to try out a monk first thing, totally fell in love and have only logged onto my old main (a prot pally) to send money and looms across to my Monk , he's currently 86 nearly 87 and I'm LOVING it
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    almost 89, but now that the weather took a turn for the worst should go faster
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    88, still in Kasarang.

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    Just about to hit 89 on my first character, though only got the game this week and haven't really had time to play much. I burned through Cataclysm on my druid so fast last time that I decided it's just not worth it.

    Also, having a full stable and planning on leveling 10x85 to 11x90 means I have quite a bit of work to do, so I'm simply going to skip ahead to the first gear reset. Utterly pointless to get any gear right now. I'll just wait for the next season honor/conquest gear, and wait for the next raids to come to reset the PvE gear. By then I should have my 990 character level stable ready.
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