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    Who else isn't 90 yet?

    Currently I'm that divided between exploring Pandara, levelling my monk and experiencing pet battles that my main still hasn't hit 87 I'm spoiled for choice

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    Haven't hit 90 yet on my main Warrior. Level 87 I believe.

    Currently leveling a new Warrior Tank and a Pandaren Priest. Mainly to see all the old content I didn't on my main, since I didn't start doing Dungeons on him until like level 58.

    I figure I have at least another two years until another xpack, what's the rush? I understand if you are into raiding that getting to level 90 would be a priority.

    As for the new zones? Love 'em. They are so detailed. When I began leveling my Panda Priest and entered EK zones I was like, "these seem so dull!" lol.

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    Slowly been leveling, but took me from wednesday afternoon to wednesday morning to hit 90, was a stretch granted, but enjoyable, now working on my horde pvper, doing BGs mainly, a bit of questing, and a lot and I mean a lot of gathering shes half way to 87
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    Just dinged 87 on my main. Been having lots of fun exploring the new areas and also leveling my Pandaren monk. I really enjoyed the Pandaren starting area. It had a very epic feel to it. Also, I just barely got out of Jade Forest and I am very impressed with the story so far. I can't wait to see the rest of it unravel!

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    Rushed my monk from 1-90 in 2 days, beyond that I've been busy leveling my paladin and enjoying the scenery that I missed (I've got 3 "mains").
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    i rushed my hunter to 90, but now im leveling an undead monk from 1-90. i havnt quested 1-60 since they changed it in cata, and i must say i like the new zones and quests they added in cata. it has made low level leveling much more enjoyable. im also doing a lot of pet battles on my monk while leveling which is slowing me down a lot. but pet battles are awesome!
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    lvl 88 on my mage and just arrived in the kun ji (?) mountains.

    i don't want to spoil my first lvl experience with playing tired after work so i play way less on my main as i could. but my monk is lvl 30 allready ...

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    87 and a ½. I'm just taking it slowly and explore the continent in my own way. But then I don't know how it will go for my other 6 85s.. ugh..

    Also been leveling a monk and tried out pet battles.

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    still 85.. didnt buy mop

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    Me!! I took the time to level a Pandaren Warrior . She's at 84 now, so I'll be stepping into Pandaria shortly. :]
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    Still 85, didn't buy MoP...

    Open minded so I still look here, but I consider WoW pretty much dead.

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    Got 2 toons to 87, two at 86, and one 85 still sitting on 85 at the moment. Limited play time and erratic work schedule have forced me to make the most of what time I do get to play.

    In the process though, I have max'd my: Mining and JC, Enchanting, Inscription, and am working on Herbalism (596ish), Skinning and Leatherworking (both about 560ish) and Tailoring (580ish).


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    Me. I have been going as fast as I can since the night of the 24th, but I have the attention span of a spoon.

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    I blame pet battles.
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    took it easy, got a paladin at 86,8 and a monk at 60 (no raf and no heirlooms)

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    Only 88. I spent too much time playing my new copy of Dark Souls (I'm a bit late, I know), and my Pandaren Monk.

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    hunter 90
    dk 90
    waiting 10oct to (free)transfer my 2nd bank with BoA gear to level a monk
    lock/war at 85 and few %, i'll 90 them as soon as i finish doing dailies
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    I just hit 89 last night. My monk is pretty much my new main, I'd have already hit 90 if I didn't have to do 1-85 first. Even though I speed leveled through 1-85, I'm taking my time in Pandaria exploring, leveling professions, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanaubia View Post
    still 85.. didnt buy mop
    Same here

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    yup.. im not 90 yet.. - 88 atm.. and im still not sure wich class ill be playing as a main yet -_- wich is why im really not getting anywhere..
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