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    Need some answers, please.

    Hello, everyone! I recently came back to wow after quite a long break and also just recently managed to hit level 90, and I am now facing some questions which I could really need some answers to.

    First of all, I am not sure which specc to focus on. I have been playing as DPS Frost Dual Wield for as long as I can remember, but as we are playing in a new expansion and everything now, I am not sure whether to stay as frost or if I should change to unholy. I am focusing on PvE, any suggestions?

    Also, which factions should I focus on when it comes to gearing up my DK for PvE?

    Edit: I am mostly thinking about single target dps.
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    2H frost plays as DW frost did. DW frost plays as Masterfrost, now.

    I'd go with 2H frost and be ready to pick up Klaxxi first for the plate-related gear, but getting honored with all of the factions is a good idea to start spending your JP.

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    No need to get rep to honored since the JP hotfix. Just run heroics til you hit 463 (Blizzard is in talks to lower the ilvl to 460) for LFR..

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    Only you can pick which spec you want to play, all three are viable (DWfrost, 2Hfrost and Unholy)
    In a patchwerk-style sim 2H frost is slightly ahead, but being comfortable with the playstyle will make up for those minor differences. Its about 2% between the specs.

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