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    Coming back to WoW, any major changes? (Holy)

    So tomorrow i think i'm going to buy mists after a year off playing (mainly due to being so bored right now) and i was just wondering, have there been any drastic changes in regards to playing holy or is it still similiar to cata apart from talents ofc? FoL still fast mana consuming heal? divine light the big heal? Anything extremely confusing that i'l have to work towards in order to get back in to the game again? Thanks

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    If you're coming back from a long break, the new talent system will take a few hours and some even days to getting used to. Coming from a guy that took the dust off his pally all the way from Burning Crusade (Was maining Prot Warrior after BC) the general idea is still the same. The only big difference I noticed was that I now have to stack insane amounts of spirit to be viable. Not sure if this change was from Cata or Patch 5.0.4 but coming from a pally that relied on crits and illumination to keep his mana pool topped off, it really caught me off guard. Once you get a good amount of it, it's pretty much a breeze and you can start focusing on Mastery + Crit.

    Hope this helps

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    I would advise that you read my guide that is stickied on the forums and then ask any other questions you may have. There have been quite a few changes since a year ago and most, if not all, of the changes are present in the guide.

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