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    Yeap, another What class to pick thread.

    So.. Once again one of these threads are back. But i can't help it. It's killing me and i need some opinions.

    So i started wow again now after mop. And got a warlock up to 42. But i keep dying all the time while leveling and in bg's.
    So recently i have started reconsidering if i should make another character or what so ever.

    So here is what i have thought about so far.

    Warrior, Most likely a Protection.
    Priest, Most likely shadow
    Death knight, most likely Blood

    But here is the catch. Warrior seems like a good class to pick. But looks like It'll be nerfed very soon so It's a bit risky.
    Priest after all i read Seems to be very bad in MoP.
    And Death knight.. I'm not sure It's not a real class starting at 55 and so forth.

    So what do people here think ? I'm so confused.

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    Threads asking what class to play aren't allowed here because it's entirely subjective and up to your own tastes. Read some threads in the class forums of the classes you're interested in for information that will let you make an informed decision.

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