So, after a solid night of attempts, our guild is having some issues on the Spirit Kings encounter. In general, we're getting to the fourth King just fine (usually seems to be Subetai for us.), but everything seems to fall apart from there.

for composistion, we're running (currently): Prot pally solo tanking, Resto Sham and Hpally healing, Frost DK, 2 Boomkins, Fire Mage, BM Hunter, Combat Rogue DPS, the 10th spot is usually a melee DPS, but varies from night to night.

We've just been having a few issues to work out.

-We were always popping lust on Meng, regardless of when he spawned, but recently we've been finding it more beneficial to use it on the last King, no matter who it is.

-Our strat for Maddening Shout is to have both the boomkins place mushrooms on a designated stack point, and blow them up when we're all stacked, cleaning up anyone that only took 30k or something with a Hurricane.

These seem to work the best for us, but the issues we've been hitting are:

-When we get Subetai last, Maddening Shout has a bad tendency to line up with Rain of Arrows, usually resulting in 4-5 people getting pinned, and usually a wipe.
-Again, with Subetai last, with all the adds that need killing (Maddening Shout + Arrows + Skulls), even if we make awesome time on the first 3 bosses, we're getting dangerously close to enrage.
-Getting Zian/Subetai last, Our tank seems to take a lot of spike damage during Maddening shout (this has mostly leveled out by letting only us Boomkins AoE, but still seems to occasionally occur, especially during Zian.)

So, is there any way to make Subetai any easier for us? since having him after Meng is causing us most of our issues (any of his mechanics aligning with maddening shout just seems brutal.)

Thanks for any advice that you can give.